Abandoned Cool Math Games Walkthrough, Guide, Gameplay, Wiki

Abandoned Cool Math Games Walkthrough, Guide, Gameplay, Wiki

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Awesome Abandoned Math Games Wiki

Cool Math Games is a popular online gaming website that has been entertaining users for years. It offers a wide range of math based games that are not only fun but also educational. However, over time, many games were abandoned and forgotten, leaving a lot of content lost to the sands of time. In this article, we will delve into the world of amazing abandoned math games and explore the possibilities of lost objects.

The Cool Math Games Wiki was created by fans of the website to document and archive every game available on the site. However, since many games were abandoned, their wiki pages were also neglected, no updates and improvements were made. The wiki has become a graveyard of abandoned games, with many pages displaying incomplete or incorrect information.

One of the most popular abandoned games from Cool Math Games is Run 2. This game was once one of the most popular games on the site, where players raced through space in a 3D world. However, the game has never been updated or improved and now suffers from bugs and glitches that make it almost unplayable. Despite this, many fans of the game still have fond memories of playing it and it is mentioned in online forums and discussions.

Another abandoned game worth noting is Parking Mania. This game challenged the players to drive through a crowded parking lot, avoiding obstacles and other vehicles and parking their cars in the right place. Although the game is relatively simple, it is highly addictive and provides hours of entertainment. Unfortunately, the game was abandoned and left to rot, with no updates and improvements.

One of the main reasons why many of these games have been abandoned is due to the advancement of technology. As new games and platforms emerge, older games become irrelevant and often forgotten. Many of the games at Cool Math Games were created using Flash, which has since been deprecated. This means that these games can no longer be played on modern devices, and there is almost no chance of their revival.

However, there is still hope for these abandoned games. Many developers and enthusiasts have worked tirelessly to preserve and restore these classic games, using emulators and other tools to bring them back to life. There are even attempts to recreate these games from scratch using modern technology and techniques to make them accessible to the new generation of players.

Abandoned cool math games

1. Dragon Statue Puzzle

As soon as you start the game, you will see two dragon statues. The spear on the right is broken and needs to be picked up. Click on the spear to add it to your inventory.

2. Two doors

After climbing the trails, you will see the river and some natural scenery. Turn right to find a locked door, then left to find another door.

3. Minecart puzzle

Enter the second door to find yourself in an area with a minecart. Click on the minaret to get the oil can, then turn right until you find the oil drum. Use the oil container on the drum and pick up the pick hanging next to the drum.

4. Floating lamps and vibrating box

Exit the mine and go right until you reach the last of the floating bulbs. Click on the bottom of the light bulb to find one of the secret symbols that will complete the puzzle in the top right of your screen.

5. Trap door in the mine shaft

In the first room below, use the spear in the strange alcove on the left wall to break it and enter the hidden room. Click on the secret icon in the room to get it.

6. Rubix Cube puzzle

Go back to the floating light bulb room with the rising walkways and keep looking up until you reach a break in the passages. Go to the door where you found the old key earlier. Use the text brick on the hole next to the door to open it, then go inside.

7. Air vent puzzle and hidden subway

Return to the series of floating light bulbs, go right and go down two stairs to reach a vent that you need to open with a screwdriver.

8. Railway carriage and flower puzzle

Once you reach the subway, press the red button so that the light turns green, and then press the handle next to the railcar to move along the tracks. At the end of the rails you will find a door.

9. Light bulbs and combination door puzzle

Go back to the floating bulbs and use all your bulbs on the empty floating slots. Then go back to the trap door in the mine shaft and drop down into the rooms with the openings and red buttons above.

10. The white room and the last door

After entering through the combination door, you’ll find yourself in an all-white room with a door on the left. Click on the symbols above the left door to match the secret symbols collected during the game.


A guide to great math games

Abandoned is a point-and-click escape game by Selfdefiant, available on Cool Math Games and YouTube. In this game, you play as a paranormal investigator who suddenly wakes up alone after hearing a loud noise while investigating. Your friends are nowhere to be found and you need to figure out how to escape from the abandoned place.

If you are struggling with the game, you can watch the video available on YouTube. However, if you prefer to solve the puzzles yourself, here are some tips to help you beat the game.

First, start with “There is no game walkthrough”. This part of the game involves clicking ‘o’ from ‘no’ to bring it down, then dragging ‘o’ 10 times to bring up the mute button. Press the volume down button twice until it bounces around the screen and then press it once. Then destroy the game to advance to the next level.

Then enter the difficult door on the left and climb the stairs to the second floor. Open the door on the left and enter the multi-control panel room. To check the floor above, go up the small stairs and take the pyramid on the left. Then, return to the lower level.

Once you have the pyramid, you can use it to open the door to the right of the multi-control panel room. Go through the door and up the stairs to get to the upper floor. From there you can use the pyramid to activate a lever that opens the exit door.

Abandoned Cool Math Games Gameplay

Cool Math Games is a popular website with a wide range of educational games to help students improve their math skills. However, some games on the website have been abandoned and are no longer updated. In this article, we’ll take a look at the gameplay of some great abandoned math games and what makes them unique.

One of the abandoned games at Cool Math Games is Rotate and Roll. This game is a physics-based puzzle game that challenges players to rotate the game board to get the ball to the finish line. The game contains several challenging levels and requires players to use their problem-solving skills to progress.

Another abandoned game from Cool Math Games is Run 2. This game is a 3D platformer that challenges players to navigate through a series of levels while avoiding obstacles and enemies. The game features two different characters, each with unique abilities, and players must switch between them to progress through the levels.

Fireboy and Watergirl is another abandoned game from Cool Math Games that is still popular among gamers. The game features two characters, Fireboy and Watergirl, who must work together to navigate through a series of levels filled with obstacles and puzzles. Fireboy can’t touch water and Watergirl can’t touch fire, so players must use strategy and coordination to succeed.

“World’s Hardest Game” is another popular abandoned game from Cool Math Games. As the name suggests, the game is very challenging and requires players to navigate a small red square through a series of challenging levels while avoiding obstacles and enemies. The game is popular for its simple yet challenging gameplay and has a dedicated following among players.

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