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WATCH: Abena Korkor’s new leaked bedroom video

In a new video from her camp which has gone viral on social media, she is seen inserting a big dildo inside her vagina.

In the video, Abena Korkor can be heard growling in pleasure as she picks up the dildo and pulls it out into her vajjay.

Abena Korkor’s new bedroom video leaked

The move left many Internet users surprised and uncomfortable as such content is typically considered highly private.

Adding to the controversy, Abena Korkor has been sharing attractive and sensual pictures of herself on Instagram in which she is flaunting her body in such a way that she is receiving both praise and criticism.

Her move to share provocative content has raised concerns about the impact on her reputation and the message she is sending to her audience, especially given her role as a mental health advocate.

Furthermore, the revelation that Abena Korkor has got a Nigerian boyfriend and she openly shares intimate moments with him on social media has intensified the spotlight on her online activities.,

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