Breaking Benjamin Presale Code 2024: How to Get Presale Code Tickets?

Breaking Benjamin Presale Code 2024: How to Get Presale Code Tickets?

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Breaking Benjamin Tour 2024

Breaking Benjamin’s Unplugged Tour 2024 promises to be a unique and intimate experience for fans as the band reimagines their powerful catalog in an acoustic setting. The announcement of the tour brings anticipation and excitement as the rock band ditches their signature electric sound to offer a more subdued and personal performance.

The choice to shut down represents a desire to connect with the audience on a deeper level, allowing fans to experience the raw emotion and musicianship that Breaking Benjamin is known for in a more intimate setting. This acoustic approach often brings another dimension to the songs, highlighting the subtleties of the lyrics and instrumentation.

For fans who have followed Breaking Benjamin’s career, the Unplugged Tour offers a chance to hear familiar favorites in a new and engaging way. This is a chance to witness the band’s versatility and the timeless quality of their music that transcends genre boundaries.

The use of the term “Reimagine” means that Breaking Benjamin will not only rehash their studio recordings, but will instead present carefully selected songs with new arrangements and perhaps some surprises. This creative reinterpretation adds an element of unpredictability to the tour, keeping fans on the edge of their seats as they eagerly await each performance.

The focus on intimacy offers smaller, more private spaces where the connection between band and audience can be more tangible. This setting allows for a shared experience where fans and the band come together to celebrate the music in a powerful and intimate way.

Kicking off the year with these breakout shows sets the tone for breaking Benjamin in 2024, demonstrating his commitment to musical exploration and his desire to connect with his audience on a deeper level. As fans eagerly await the Unplugged Tour, the anticipation and excitement of breaking Benjamin’s new and remastered renditions of iconic tracks is palpable. It is an honor for the band and their fans to embark on this musical journey together.

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Benjamin’s pre-sale code 2024

Breaking Benjamin fans are announcing a special Unplugged show at JJ’s Live on Saturday, January 20, 2024. Anticipation for this intimate performance is building with early ticket availability through the Breaking Benjamin VIP Presale.

Exclusive Breaking Benjamin VIP Presale with code “BBVIP” begins Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. This advance sale gives loyal fans the chance to snag their tickets before the general public, ensuring they don’t miss out on the unique experience of an Unplugged show. Using a pre-sale code adds an element of exclusivity, giving the band’s loyal fans early access to tickets.

For fans who want to be a part of this special event, a pre-sale code is the key to unlocking the chance to secure their seats in the audience. It’s Breaking Benjamin’s way of thanking their dedicated fans by providing a head start on getting tickets for what promises to be an unforgettable acoustic performance.

The selection of “BBVIP” as the pre-sale code not only reflects the band’s name, but also represents the VIP treatment that comes with being the original ticket holder. This may include premium seating, limited edition merchandise, or other benefits that enhance the overall concert experience.

As the Breaking Benjamin community looks forward to the sale, there is a sense of camaraderie among fans who share the excitement of being a part of this exclusive opportunity. The pre-sale code is a symbol of connection, uniting fans under the common banner of their admiration for Breaking Benjamin and their desire to be a part of this special Unplugged show.


How to get presale code tickets?

Follow the steps below to get early access to your Breaking Benjamin Unplugged show pre-sale coded tickets.

  • Explore the VIP ticket option, which often comes with exclusive benefits and early access benefits. Stay tuned for VIP package availability announcements on Breaking Benjamin’s official website and social media platforms.

  • Make sure you’re a member of the Breaking Benjamin Fan Club well in advance of the ticket sale date. Membership details and benefits, including pre-sale access, are usually available on the group’s official website. Join the fan club to take advantage of exclusive opportunities.

  • Stay tuned for announcements about the release of pre-sale codes. Breaking Benjamin may share this information through its official website, social media channels, and fan club communications. Note the presale date and time, in this case it’s Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at 12 noon local time.

  • If you’re a member of the Breaking Benjamin fan club, watch for a message in your inbox containing the pre-sale code. Sometimes, codes are distributed directly to fan club members, giving them the early access they want.

  • Visit the designated ticketing platform to purchase tickets on the designated date and time. This platform can be the official Breaking Benjamin website, a ticketing website or a dedicated fan club portal.

  • During the process of purchasing tickets, you may come across a section that asks for a pre-sale code. Enter the code provided to unlock early access to tickets. Follow the instructions on the website to select your preferred seats and complete your purchase.

  • Don’t worry if you miss the presale or can’t get your hands on the tickets during that time. General sale tickets will be available to the public on Friday. Be prepared to purchase tickets as soon as they go public, as demand can be high.

By following these steps, becoming a fan club member, and earning a presale code, you’ll increase your chances of getting Breaking Benjamin Unplugged tickets and an unforgettable concert experience.

Breaking Benjamin 2024 tour dates

The date



January 12, 2024



January 13, 2024



January 16, 2024



January 17, 2024



January 19, 2024



20 JAN 2024



January 23, 2024



January 24, 2024



26 JAN 2024



January 27, 2024



MAY 12, 2024



Ticket price for Breaking Benjamin Tour

When traveling to get Breaking Benjamin tickets, fans can anticipate a range of prices that reflect their arena seating. Average Breaking Benjamin concert ticket price is $222.00. This reasonable price provides fans with a balance between stage proximity and budget-consciousness, offering the full concert experience without breaking the bank.

For those looking for an upscale concert experience with front-of-the-stage seats, the price can go up to $840.00. These premium tickets often come with enhanced viewing and a closer connection to the band’s performance, making them a viable option for fans looking to invest in a more engaging experience.

However, Breaking Benjamin is known for making their live shows accessible to a wide audience, and as such, many concertgoers are able to get cheaper tickets. Tickets for some of the band’s live shows are available for under $18.00 each. These cheaper options allow fans on a budget to enjoy the electricity of a Breaking Benjamin concert without breaking the bank.

About breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania is an American rock band with a history marked by evolution and endurance. Formed in 1999 by lead singer and guitarist Benjamin Burnley and drummer Jeremy Hummel, the band’s original lineup included guitarist Aaron Fink and bassist Mark Klepaski. This group contributed to the release of two early albums, “Saturate” in 2002 and “We Are Not Alone” in 2004.

The band’s dynamic changed in 2005 when Chad Szeliga replaced Jeremy Hummel on drums. Breaking Benjamin made their mark on the rock scene with the release of 2006’s Phobia and 2009’s Dear Suffering. However, a series of difficulties, including recurring illnesses at Burnley, led to a lengthy layoff in 2010.

During the hiatus, a compilation album titled Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin was released in 2011 without Burnley’s permission, resulting in legal disputes and the firing of Fink and Klepaski. Szeliga left in 2013 citing creative differences. Remaining as a single member, Burnley reunited in late 2014 and announced a new line-up featuring Aaron Bruch on bass and backing vocals, Keith Wallen on guitar and backing vocals, Jasen Rauch on guitar, and Sean Foist on drums.

Renewed Breaking Benjamin released Dark Before Dawn in 2015 and Ember in 2018. Both albums debuted at number one and number three on the Billboard 200. Despite the line-up changes, the band’s musical style and Burnley’s lyrical skills remained consistent, with hard rock tendencies, angst-heavy lyrics, powerful choruses and signature guitars.

In addition to their studio albums, Breaking Benjamin demonstrated their versatility with the 2020 release of Aurora, a compilation of remastered acoustic versions of past songs along with one original track. This acoustic venture showcased the band’s ability to revisit and reimagine their catalog while maintaining their unique sound.

Breaking Benjamin’s influence is evident not only in their musical consistency, but also in their commercial success. Selling more than 19 million units in the United States alone, the group has earned three RIAA-certified platinum, two gold, and numerous certified singles, including three multi-platinum, three platinum, and six gold. Breaking Benjamin’s consistency, combined with Burnley’s vision and creativity, continue to resonate with fans, making them an iconic presence on the rock music landscape.

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