Details You Should Know About Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Ex-Wives

Stone Cold Steve Austin, the iconic WWE legend, is celebrated for his legendary wrestling career. But what many fans may not be aware of is his personal life, particularly his romantic journey. In this article, we delve into the details of Steve Austin’s ex-wives and the relationships that shaped his life.

Steve Austin’s First Marriage: Steve Austin’s romantic journey began with his high school sweetheart, Kathryn Burrhus. They tied the knot on November 24, 1990, marking the start of their journey as a married couple. Unfortunately, their young love faced challenges, and it was not meant to last. Austin’s relationship took a turn when he had an affair with his wrestling manager, Jeanie Clarke, also known as Lady Blossom. In August 1992, his marriage to Burrhus was annulled, and by December of the same year, he was married to Clarke. Together, they had two children, Stephanie (born in 1992) and Cassidy (born in 1996).

Jeanie Clarke’s Influence: Jeanie Clarke played a significant role in shaping Stone Cold’s career. It was she who came up with the iconic “Stone Cold” name and persona. In his memoir, “The Stone Cold Truth,” Austin fondly recalls the moment when Jeannie, with a glint in her eyes, named him Stone Cold Steve Austin. This persona played a crucial role in the WWE’s growth during the Attitude Era, and we owe a debt of gratitude to Jeanie for her creative influence.

Steve Austin’s Second Marriage: The union with Jeanie Clarke didn’t stand the test of time either, leading to their divorce in 1999. Afterward, Austin’s quest for love led him to another woman he met in the squared circle. Debra Marshall, a former WWE diva, caught his eye in 1998, and by the end of 2000, they were married. Debra, known for her business-suit-wearing gimmick, transitioned into “Mrs. Rattlesnake” when paired with Austin. She even earned a reputation for her backstage cookie-baking habit, with anyone who criticized her treats risking a tray to the head, including Stone Cold himself.

Troubles Beyond the Ring: While their on-screen relationship was colorful, their real-life marriage was tumultuous. Reports indicate that Austin was physically abusive toward Debra, and after the third incident, she made the difficult decision to involve the police. Unfortunately, the abuse affected her career, prompting her to step out of the limelight for a while. In 2003, their marriage ended in divorce, and Steve Austin embarked on a journey of self-improvement.

Steve Austin’s Current Relationship: In 2009, Steve Austin entered his fourth marriage with Kristin Feres. The couple prefers to keep their relationship away from the public eye, maintaining a low profile. This marriage has proven to be his longest-lasting one, and Austin has expressed his desire for it to be his last. Kristin has had a positive influence on his life, which is evident in the changes he has embraced since their union.

Conclusion: Stone Cold Steve Austin, a wrestling legend, has not only left his mark on the WWE but also in the realm of relationships. His journey through four marriages, his creative partnership with Jeanie Clarke, and the tumultuous moments with Debra Marshall reflect the complexities of his personal life. Today, Austin is in a healthy and private relationship with Kristin Feres, signaling a new chapter in his life. As we await the WWE Legends Biography special, fans can appreciate the multifaceted life of this legendary wrestler beyond the ring.

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