Did 39daph And Aceu Break Up? When Did Brandon and Daphne Start Dating?

Did 39daph And Aceu Break Up? When Did Brandon and Daphne Start Dating?

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39daph and Aceu broke up?

Yes, popular Twitch streamers Daphne “39daph” and Brandon “Aceu” have indeed broken up, as confirmed by 39daph himself in an announcement on social media. The couple has been in a relationship since early 2021 and their livestreams together have been known to many in the streaming community.

39daph said they decided to part ways because things weren’t going well, and her openness about the breakup garnered messages of support from her co-stars.

Aceu has not publicly addressed their split. Widely recognized for his art-oriented content and gameplay, 39daph has a large following on Twitch, and he streams a variety of games to an engaged audience.

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When did Brandon and Daphne start dating?

In 2021, Brandon and Daphne met on Twitch, and their collaboration on streams eventually led to them becoming a couple. Their streams showcase not only their games, but also their charming relationship, which has endeared them to many fans.

Brandon, better known as Aceu, is a professional CS:GO player known for winning several tournaments with teams like NRG. These days, he mostly plays Valorant and Apex Legends, and he dabbles in other games from time to time.

On the other hand, there’s Dafna, or 39daph, an interesting Twitch streamer. It has been entertaining audiences since 2017 with games like Genshin Impact, Minecraft, and new horror titles.


Who is Aceu?

Aceu, also known as Brandon “Aceu” Winn, is a retired American professional Apex Legends player and popular streamer. He gained notoriety in the game for his impressive skills and clutch performances. Aceu, who started his Apex Legends career in 2019, has quickly become famous for his amazing mechanics and consistent wins.

From 2019 to 2021, he was a key member of the NRG Esports Apex Legends team, achieving success in various tournaments, including the 2020 Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Showdown.

However, in 2021, Aceu decided to retire from competitive gaming to focus on streaming Apex Legends on Twitch, where he has amassed over 600,000 fans.

Aceu is a favorite for his entertaining and educational streams, where he shares tips and tricks to help new and experienced players alike. His positive and supportive approach creates a pleasant atmosphere for the audience.

As one of the best Apex Legends players in the world, Aceu’s incredible mechanics, clutch gameplay and compelling content continue to captivate and inspire audiences.

Who is 39daph?

Daphne Wai, also known as 39daph, is a popular Twitch streamer from Canada. His streams are very diverse and cover a wide range of activities including art, gaming and IRL content. What sets him apart is his witty and humorous personality, which is loved by his fans.

His journey on Twitch began in 2017 when he started broadcasting. With his engaging and interactive streams, he quickly gained a significant following. 39daph excels at engaging with his audience by cultivating a positive and friendly community on his channel.

As a versatile streamer, he enjoys a variety of games, with a particular fondness for titles such as Apex Legends, Minecraft, and Resident Evil. But his talents don’t stop there; he is also a skilled artist who frequently shares his creative process through his streams.

In addition to his streaming efforts, 39daph plays another role as a content creator for the Sentinels esports organization. He contributes to Sentinels’ social media presence and occasionally collaborates with Sentinels players during his streams.

With his fun and engaging streams, diverse content offerings, and warm and welcoming demeanor, 39daph has established himself as a popular and successful Twitch streamer. He is a role model for Twitch streamers and fans alike.

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