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Trisha Krishnan’s leaked video has created a storm of perception, putting the actress in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Trisha Krishnan, popularly known as Trisha, is a famous and accomplished actress in the South Indian film industry.

Her stunning beauty and flexible acting skills have made her an outstanding personality in Tamil and Telugu cinema. She also stepped into Bollywood and debuted with ‘Khatta Meetha’ opposite Akshay Kumar.

Over the course of her career, Trisha has garnered accolades and a diverse film portfolio. It cemented his place as one of the most famous and iconic stars of the Indian film industry.

On the other hand, his reputation has been regularly tarnished by personal controversies.

In this article, we will be discussing in depth the scandalous incidents that surround Trisha Krishnan’s existence, from leaked movies to drug-related allegations.

Trisha Krishnan leaked video and photo, went viral

Trisha Krishnan’s leaked video and photo are becoming increasingly viral, which is attracting people’s attention and raising questions on privacy.

The buzz surrounding the leaked video of Trisha Krishnan’s alleged bathing scene was a particularly sensational event in her profession. (Source: koimoi.com)

News of the scandal follows other high-profile controversies, such as the newspaper’s publication of intimate photographs of Bollywood actors Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor by a Mumbai tabloid.

Furthermore, another controversy arose when a school student recorded an MMS of a sexual act with his classmate and purchased that clip on the web apart from VCD.

According to a report in Tamil.galatta.com, Trisha, who was in South Africa at the time, was surprised to learn about the video of the song from a friend in the US.

According to the conversation, she strongly denied her involvement and was quoted as saying: “That was not me in the two-and-a-half-minute tuba track video, and anyone who wanted to defame my name did so.” Target.” ”

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This denial was supported by Trisha’s mother Uma, who said that her daughter mostly did not use the bathroom and preferred to use the tub.

Trisha Krishnan scandal: What did they do?

Trisha Krishnan’s scandal involving leaked videos was not the first time her name was linked to controversy.

In 2010, the actress found herself in the middle of a particular scandal that revolved around her alleged relationship with a Nigerian drug trafficker.

The basis of this controversy is his close friendship with African-born fashion designer Sidney Sladen. The relationship ended with his title appearing on a buyer’s list associated with the alleged drug broker.

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As reported by information company IANS, Trisha expressed surprise and disappointment at the placement. She said that she was shooting in Kodaikanal when this Telugu news channel aired the song Andar.

Main points of Trisha Krishnan controversy explored

In 2010, Trisha Krishnan was involved in a controversial affair that had nothing to do with any leaked film or footage.

Trisha Krishnan found herself embroiled in a drug scandal when a picture went viral, leaving her extremely angry and angry. (supply: Twitter,

Instead, the case revolves around his alleged association with a Nigerian drug trafficker. This bond developed from his close friendship with Sidney Sladen, a fashion designer of African-American clothing.

Trisha’s name appeared in the list of buyers belonging to the alleged drug broker, causing significant uproar.

Trisha has vehemently denied any involvement in such illegal activities. He saw this as a major attack on his reputation in the Telugu film industry, where he had a strong presence.

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Their immediate response was to take criminal action against the internal track channel that aired the false allegations.

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