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Meet the boyfriend of Filipino actress and newest Miss Universe Philippines Michelle Dee. Is he gay? Let’s find out.

Miss Universe Philippines 2019, Michelle Dee has recently gained public attention not only for her beauty and advocacy, but also for her close relationship with actor Ryan Ramos.

The dynamic duo has been a constant presence on social media and at public events, resulting in widespread speculation about the nature of their relationship.

There have been rumors of a romantic relationship between Disa and Ramos, raising questions about whether or not their friendship goes beyond platonic levels.

Fans and followers have been eagerly waiting to know about their relationship status, which has been generating interest and discussion on various platforms.

As speculation continues, observers are wondering: aren’t Dee and Ramos just best friends, or is their friendship entirely platonic?

Stay tuned for updates as the mystery surrounding their relationship is solved.

Michelle DeBoyfriend: Who is Ryan Ramos?

Ryan Ramos, a veteran Kapuso star whose career dates back to 2006, has an impressive repertoire of TV shows and movies, including ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘The Rich Man’s Daughter’, ‘Saving Sally’ and ‘Silong ‘ includes notable titles like. , ,

In addition to her acting skills, Ramos is a multi-talented talent who showcases her abilities as a singer, model, and vlogger.

The actor’s close friendship with Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Michelle Dee has been in the news recently.

Introduced by their mutual friend Max Collins, an actor and beauty queen, they formed a strong bond during the pandemic.

In a surprise move, Ramos and Di have decided to share a flat and move in together in September 2022.

Documenting their daily activities on Instagram, the duo’s collective travels give followers a glimpse into their lives.

Ryan Ramos has been open about the positive impact of living with Michelle and emphasizes the coordination and work schedule it brings to their shared glam group.

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The two not only work out together, but also spend time in the entertainment industry, attending events and supporting each other’s endeavours.

Describing their friendship as “very supportive” and “very loving”, Ramos provides insight on the dynamics of their close relationship.

Michelle D Sexuality: Is Miss Universe Philippines Gay?

Michelle Dee is the daughter of former Miss International Melanie Marquez and businessman Frederick Dee.

She followed her mother’s footsteps and competed in the Miss World Philippines 2019 pageant where she won the crown and represented the country at the Miss World 2019 pageant in London.

Miss Universe Philippines placed in the top 12 and received the Multimedia Award. Michelle is also a model, autism awareness advocate and mental health ambassador.

He has been vocal about his support for the LGBTQ+ community and has attended several Pride events. In October 2022, Michelle came out as bisexual in an interview with

She said that she has always been open about her sexuality with family and friends, but she wanted to share it with the public.

The model said she hopes to encourage others to be true to themselves and love openly. However, Michelle did not confirm or deny whether she was dating Ryan or anyone else.

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According to her, she likes to keep her personal life intact and does not need to put a label on her relationship with anyone.

The actor said that he is happy with the current situation and is grateful to the people who love and accept him.

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