Error Code Centipede Destiny 2, How to Fix it?

Error Code Centipede Destiny 2, How to Fix it?

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What is the Centipede bug in Destiny 2?

It can be frustrating to encounter a network error code while trying to play. According to the official Bungie support website, the Centipede error code, a common network error code, can be caused by a loss of connectivity to their servers. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to fixing this error code, as there are several reasons that can trigger it, depending on your Internet setup and your Internet Service Provider (ISP). However, there are a few steps you can try to fix the problem. For example, if you are using Wi-Fi, it is recommended to switch to a wired connection to ensure a more stable connection. Also, if your NAT is hard or type 3, you should try to change it to open or type 1, as this will help improve the performance and stability of your network.

Error code Centipede Destiny 2

There are a lot of error codes in Destiny 2, some of them are complex and difficult to understand, while others are simple but frustrating. Centipede bug is one of the most common and very aggravating problems. Unfortunately, if you experience frequent internet connection problems, there are limited ways to fix it. The Centipede error is named after the creature and appears frequently when trying to launch Destiny 2. This indicates that there is a problem with the network connection, and the game does not load after logging in due to connection problems. servers. Despite its simple nature, the Centipede error can be difficult to resolve if you have regular internet issues.


How to fix Centipede Destiny 2 error code?

Error code Centipede is a common error in Destiny 2 that can appear when there is a connection problem between your game console and the Destiny 2 servers. There are several steps to fix the error:

  • Restart the modem and router: Unplug the modem and router, wait a minute or two, then plug them back in and turn them on.
  • Check your network connection: Make sure your game console is connected to the internet and your network connection is stable. If possible, try to use a wired connection instead of a wireless connection.
  • Check for Server Maintenance: Occasionally Destiny 2 servers may be down for maintenance or updates. You can check the Bungie Help Twitter account (@BungieHelp) or the official Bungie website for any announcements.
  • Clear your console’s cache: On Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, go to Settings > System > Memory > Clear Local Saved Games. On PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, go to Settings > Storage > System Storage > Saved Data > Clear.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP): If none of the above steps help, there may be a problem with your Internet connection. Contact your ISP to resolve the issue.

If none of these steps work, try reinstalling Destiny 2 or contact Bungie Support for further assistance.

Destiny 2 Game Wiki

Destiny 2 went free-to-play with the release of New Lightning in October 2019, then on Stadia in November of that year, and then on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in December 2020. The game’s PvE activities include story missions, three-player “strikes” and dungeons, and six-player raids. Each location has a free roam patrol mode with public events and NPC interactions, which was not available in the original Destiny. PvP game modes include objective-based modes and traditional deathmatches.

In summary, Destiny 2 is a free-to-play online first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie, set in a science fiction universe, and featuring both PvE and PvP game modes. The game was originally released as a paid game in 2017 and was published by Activision until Bungie acquired the publishing rights in 2018. The game went free-to-play with the release of New Light in October 2019 and has been free-to-play ever since. Released on various platforms including PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Destiny 2 system requirements

The recommended requirements for Destiny 2 are listed in the table below:









System Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 64-bit (latest service pack)



Processor Intel® Core™ i5 2400 3.4 GHz or i5 7400 3.5 GHz, AMD Ryzen R5 1600X 3.6 GHz



8 GB of RAM



NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 4GB or GTX 1060 6GB, AMD R9 390 8GB Memory 8 GB RAM



Broadband Internet connection



105 GB free space

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