These exercises to build biceps can be done at home too!

To build biceps, these exercises will give you a new level of growth and work to increase your strength. People who like to wear t-shirts want to show off their biceps. Although not visible, your biceps should be such that they don’t make you look awkward, loose when you wear a t-shirt.

There are many exercises that can help you with this, but if you really want to make your biceps attractive, you need to do a variety of exercises. These exercises will give you a new level of growth and work to increase your strength. So let’s learn about some such exercises that will help you build biceps.

Do these exercises to build biceps

Fat Grip Hammer Curl

Take two dumbbells and wrap a towel around the handles of both so that they are slightly thicker. Besides, you have another option, get sleeves with rubber grips, which will help you absorb sweat. Now keep your arms at your side and lift the weight with your palms facing you. You can do three out of 15 repetitions.

Back cable curl

You attach the lower pulley of the cable machine to the D handle and pull it forward while holding the handle with your left hand. Do this until there is no pressure on the cable and your arm goes behind your body. Move your feet when your right foot is in front. Move the handle but your elbows should be pointing outwards.

EZ-Bar Preacher Curl

Sit on a bench and adjust the height of your bench so that your armpits touch the top of the bench. Now lift it above your head and hold the EZ-Curl bar with one hand. Now bend your arms and take them away from the bench. Hold the position for three seconds before bringing the bar back. Keep rotating the triceps while doing this.

Reverse curl

With shoulders wide, grab the bar while extending one arm overhead. Now curl the bar by swinging your arms to your sides. Do this with both hands.

Dumbbell curl

Hold a dumbbell with both hands, palms facing you, but your arms should be at your sides. Now lean forward with your weight on your heels. Without moving your upper arm, curl the weight up. Turn your wrists out so your palms are facing you.

Now hold it for a while and let the weight fall on your biceps. Now lower the weight and tighten the triceps. You can do these exercises by knowing more about these types of exercises.

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