Hogwarts Legacy Search The Tomb For The Helmet, Hogwarts Legacy Search The Tomb For The Helmet Puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy Search The Tomb For The Helmet, Hogwarts Legacy Search The Tomb For The Helmet Puzzle

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The Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy – Set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Role-playing video game published by Interactive Entertainment. The game takes place in the late 1800s, before the events of the Harry Potter series, and allows players to create their own Hogwarts students and attend classes, learn magic, and explore a vast open-world environment. The game also features a branching story system where player choices and actions affect the outcome of the story. The game is highly anticipated by Harry Potter fans and is scheduled to be released on multiple platforms in 2022.

Hogwarts Legacy searches the grave for the helmet

After completing the initial stages of Urtkot’s helm, talking to Sirona and finding Lodgok at the Hog’s Head Inn, you follow him to the tomb where the goblin legacy is located.

The “Finding the Tomb for the Helmet” part of the quest is divided into several sections, each section has a moth gate to the next. Combat segments are interspersed throughout the quest. However, you will find that there is no moth needed to unlock every door. To get through each door, you’ll need to find the missing moths and use Lumos to send them back to the door until you have enough to open the lock. Casting Revelio reveals the location of each missing moth, like solving mirror puzzles in the game.

The third moth door requires a bit of extra effort to get the raised moth #3. One of the other two moths in the room must be placed in the central mechanism to activate the mechanism that raises the platform where the moth is located. Then stand on the platform, throw a Depulso on it, and use Lumos on Moth #3 to open the third door.

The fourth moth door is simple as you just have to follow the marker through the tomb. However, you must solve a hanging chest puzzle in a large open room. Cast a spell on the lift holding the chest to open the reservoir, you need to jump down, swim through it and go deeper into the tomb where the room with the fourth moth door is located. Aim one of the first two moons found downstairs at the central mechanism and then stand on the rectangular platform opposite the mechanism. Throw a Depulso on it twice to reach the upper level where the moth door is. Instead of going to the moth door, take the moth on the other side of the raised platform and control it with Lumos. Add it to the door and find Moth #2 to the left of the door. After casting Depulso, use Lumos to direct it towards the door. Finally, use Lumos to get Moth #3 to the right of the door to open the fourth Moth Door.

After realizing that the tomb has already been raided, you must defeat the thieves that Lodgok directed you to. Take out a few Ashwinders and a troll, search the camp and take the Urtkot Helm to give to Lodgok.

Follow the in-game steps to unlock Dark Arts Battle Arena. For more Hogwarts heritage tips, learn how to unlock more spell houses or solve the bell tower puzzle. For more Hogwarts Legacy guides, visit GGRecon.


Search the tomb for the Hogwarts Heritage Helmet puzzle

If you look into the room, you will see two floors, the first floor has a moth statue and the second floor has a three moon door. There are four moths around, two on each floor.

To activate the statue, you will need to attach one of the moths on the first floor to it. Simply use Lumos to find one of the moths on the first floor and attach it to the statue. Then go to the left side of the first floor and find the lamp where the moth often lives. Take the other first floor moth to the lamp and let it stay there. When Depulso is used on the statue, the platform will rise to the second floor.

Get on the platform and use Depulso one more time to get yourself up to the second floor. From there, use Lumos to direct both moths on the second floor to the three-month door. Once they reach the door, throw Depulso at the statue twice again. Use Lumos to pull him to the edge of the floor to get the rest of the moths on the first floor. Once he follows you, guide him to the door to complete the puzzle.

Restoration of the helmet

As soon as you leave the tomb, the quest will be updated and you will be tasked with taking the helmet from the thieves. However, the thieves are currently engaged in a fierce battle with a giant troll. If you stop fighting, both the thieves and the troll will attack you.

During combat, you’ll notice that trolls and thieves will sometimes attack each other, giving you a short window to focus on one of the enemies. To take advantage of this, try to lure the troll closer to the thieves and then avoid being spun around by both the troll and the thieves when the troll launches its attack. Thus, the troll’s attack can hit the thieves and weaken them.

However, be careful not to miss the escape, otherwise the troll’s attack may leave you vulnerable to the thieves’ attacks. Avoid all incoming attacks and keep attacking to ensure your survival.

You can also use your surroundings to your advantage, such as using R1 or RB to direct rocks thrown by the troll to hit your enemies, or throw other objects at them for quick damage.

After defeating the trolls and thieves, go to the nearby camp to get the helmet inside the tent. Inside the tent, you’ll be fighting dark wizards that should be easier to defeat than trolls and thieves.

It should be noted that trolls are level 21, thieves are level 17, and dark mages are level 19. Also, the assassin can spawn some undead enemies, so have a fire damage spell ready when you’re ready. defeat the dark mage first, the undead enemies will disappear, this will complete the main quest, “Rule of Urtkot”.

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