How to Empty the Landfill in Cities Sky 2 Today’s Talk

How to Clean Up Landfill in Cities Skylines 2: Cities: Cities: Skylines 2 gives you the chance to build the city of your dreams, but with progress also comes destruction. It is essential to manage the waste of your metropolis, and a major point of waste management is to empty the landfill effectively.

How to empty the landfill in cities sky 2

In this information, we will show you the steps to empty the landfill in entertainment to keep your city clean and your residents happy.

Navigating the Dump

The first step in emptying the trash can is to find the particular trash can you need to empty. Landfills can accumulate large amounts of trash over time, so it’s important to stay ahead of the process.

Select “Start Evacuation”

Once you’ve found the bin you need to empty, it’s time to get to work. Cities: In Skylines 2, you can do this by selecting the “Start Emptying” option in the Dump menu. This action begins the process of removing accumulated waste from the landfill.

emptying process

If “Start blanking” is selected, the game will start in motion. Garbage stored at the landfill will likely be sent to other available garbage facilities in your city. This waste has several directions:

1. Incinerator

A common destination for trash is your incinerator. These things burn garbage, reduce its quantity and eliminate the problem. Emptying Landfills Emptying landfills is an effective way to take care of landfills, and emptying them ensures a cleaner city.

2. Selling garbage

Another option, if your city is connected to other cities by roads, is to sell garbage to neighboring cities. This can be a profitable business and helps cover some of the costs related to waste management. However, keep in mind that selling garbage is not as effective as burning it in terms of quick cleanup.

Costs and issues

It is important to know that the process of emptying a landfill may incur some costs:

1. Transportation prices

As waste is transported from landfills to various services, transportation costs may also be a concern. These prices may vary depending on the distance and efficiency of your highway community. Prepare to allocate funds for this operation.

2. Selling garbage

If you decide to sell garbage in other cities, you can earn some income. However, the income generated may not cover the entire cost of waste management, so it is important to balance your financial books accordingly.

effective waste management

In Cities: Skylines 2, efficient waste management is a major aspect of maintaining a successful and clean city. Landfills are a huge evil, but by emptying them effectively, you can prevent them from overflowing and causing problems in your city. Keeping your residents happy and your city clean is a rewarding part of the game, and by following these steps you will be able to achieve that objective.


Emptying the trash in Cities: Skylines 2 is an easy process, but it requires some thought and planning. Whether you choose to burn your waste or sell it in different cities, it is essential to manage your waste effectively and economically. By doing so, you will guarantee a clean and prosperous city for your digital residents. Enjoying!

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