How to use Freeman’s statement in Genshin Impact? today’s conversation

Genshin Impact followers, rejoice! Version 4.2 has launched an interesting product known as Freeman’s Announcement, and we are here to guide you through the process of obtaining it and unlocking its potential in the game.

Throughout this blog publication, we will discuss the steps to obtain Freeman’s Statement and uncover the secrets and techniques to successfully use it in the vast and fascinating world of Genshin Impact.

How to get Freeman’s statement in Genshin Impact

step 1: Navigation in the yellow underwater area

Begin your quest southwest of the ruins of Fort Charybdis, where a mysterious yellow underwater space contains the key to Freeman’s narration.

step 2: Relationship with clams

Explore the depths of the yellow underwater space and discover the shell. Interact with him to obtain Freeman’s Statement, an important product of your Genshin Impact journey.

step 3: Journey to the “Rusty Wheel” in the Forest of Erinyes

Start your journey in the Erinye Forest and discover the “Rusty Wheel”. This is the opening line to highlight the total potential of Freeman’s statement.

step 4: Find Nadia’s platform

Aboard The Rusty Rudder, listen to your surroundings and discover Nadia’s platform. This platform becomes an important place for future steps.

Step 5: extinguish hydro torch

Use Hydro to extinguish the torch on Nadia’s platform. This movement sets the stage for the following steps and provides a fundamental problem for exploration.

Step 6: Go to the right side of the ship entrance

After successfully extinguishing the starting torch, go to the right in front of the ship. A creative story keeps you engaged as you progress.

Step 7: light a torch with pyro

Place the Pyro talent on the ship to light the torch. The mix of elemental skills adds a strategic layer to the quests, showcasing the dynamic gameplay of Genshin Impact.

Step 8: Extinguish the last pass from the torch with pyro

The rest of your task involves extinguishing the last passed torch with a pyro. Successfully completing this stage will reward you with a treasure trove that may reveal a treasure with Freeman’s narration.

How to use Freeman’s Narration in Genshin Impact

Now that you’ve mastered Freeman’s declaration, let’s go through the steps to unlock his energy in the game.

step 1: access your stock

Go to your character’s stock to learn Freeman’s quote. This is a multi-use product, so you’ll be able to use it strategically during your Genshin Impact adventures.

step 2: choose the appropriate second

Choose an opportune moment to use Freeman’s quote. Whether you’re exploring new areas, participating in battles, or taking up quests, the results can be game-changing.

step 3: Activate Freeman’s statement

Activate a product in your stock to enjoy its benefits. A Freeman’s proclamation may reveal hidden treasures, unlock specific paths, or trigger specific events that improve your overall gameplay experience.

step 4: Explore and uncover

As Freeman’s announcement reveals its consequences, take the opportunity to explore the surroundings. Discover hidden treasures, solve puzzles or enter new areas that were previously inaccessible.

Step 5: battle strategy

In the event of a fight, think about using Freeman’s Declaration strategically. Its results can provide tactical advantages, so experiment with completely different situations to maximize its potential.


In conclusion, obtaining and using Freeman’s Declaration in Genshin Impact is an exciting journey filled with exploration, challenges, and strategic gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or new to the game, this component adds a dynamic component to your experience, making each quest more exciting than the last. Enjoy the journey, fellow travelers, and the secrets of Freeman’s Proclamation will enrich your Genshin Impact odyssey.

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