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Here is a complete breakdown of how to view challenges after level 25 in MW3? As you progress through the extraordinary world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), a unique challenge arises when you reach level 25. The armory system takes prominence, making it difficult for players to access its challenges.

Fear not, as this information develops a sensible resolution that ensures challenges remain visible and attainable even after reaching a milestone level.

How to overcome challenges after level 25

MW3 includes a strategic method in finding challenges beyond level 25. Follow these steps to maintain your objectives:

1. Combination of buttons

Perform the following key combinations based on your gaming platform:

  • Xbox: Press RB, LB and Y at the same time.
  • game Station: Press L1, R1 and Triangle at the same time.

This mix will reveal challenges beyond level 25, allowing you to plan and conquer your goals.

2. Pause in the match

Use the in-match pause feature while you’re in the heat of the match. follow these steps:

  • Stop the game.
  • Go to the pause menu.
  • Browse your current challenges while immersing yourself in the action.

3. Launcher Menu (PC)

For PC gamers, access the challenges via the launcher menu:

  • Find the launcher menu in the upper right corner (identified by the button with six squares or press F1).
  • Click the Achievements button in the menu to reveal all challenges.

additional data

  • The traditional “View All Challenges” button in the lobby becomes subject to the armory system after reaching level 25.
  • The combination of buttons presented serves as a key solution to restore access to challenges.
  • Future updates to builders may handle this design quirk, although for now there is a workaround.
  • On PC, the launcher menu offers a dedicated Achievements button, ensuring continued visibility of challenges regardless of armory updates.


While the Armory system in MW3 tries to handle challenges beyond level 25, this information provides you with an intelligent solution. Whether it’s button combinations, pausing a match, or PC-exclusive launcher menus, your challenges are within reach, ready to be tackled. To ensure the gaming community remains one step ahead in tackling the challenges of MW3, feel free to share additional ideas or updates in the feedback.

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