The Immunity Booster Drink will boost immunity tremendously

You must know the recipe of Immunity Booster Drink that you can make at home in 10 minutes to boost immunity. For the sake of the earth and for every member of the household, an immunity booster drink is needed to stay away from diseases. Learn the recipe of immunity booster drink made in 10 minutes and try it if you are suffering from cold fever cough weakness.

Due to corona virus, there is a discussion of immune system everywhere these days. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also been talking about boosting immunity in almost all his speeches these days. Some people are very active and take special care of themselves when it comes to fitness and health.

That’s why nowadays everyone is telling their special recipes to boost immunity. That is why a special drink is mentioned to boost the immune system, which can be very beneficial for you.

It is necessary to increase immunity naturally

Diseases spread rapidly during monsoons. In times like this, we need to make our immunity the best and what can be better if you can boost immunity naturally. You must know the recipe of Immunity Booster Drink.

Why is it necessary to increase immunity?

In fact, increasing the immunity is being talked about again and again these days because no fully successful vaccine or drug has been developed to eradicate the corona virus. The virus spread rapidly across the world and India has infected more people so far.

According to reports coming in from all over the world now, they are most at risk of corona virus and those who have weak immunity are dying. If a person has a good immune system, even after being infected with this virus, he may experience symptoms like mild cold, cough and his condition is not serious.

That’s why all the celebs, prime ministers and health experts were talking about boosting immunity frequently. You can make the below mentioned drink at home and it will prove to be a very beneficial drink to boost your immune system.

Ingredients needed to prepare an immunity booster drink

A piece of ginger, black pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, half a liter of water, and honey (if you want it sweet).

Make this an immune boosting drink.

To make this drink, put half a liter of water in a pan on gas. Once hot, add all the above and increase the flame. When this water boils down to half, switch off the flame and let it cool down a bit. After it is warm, add some organic honey and drink it.

Try this recipe at home and drink one cup once a day. This drink will be very beneficial for other family members as well. So, if you want, make it in large quantities and drink it every day.

Drink this drink instead of tea and coffee

If you are a tea drinker, this drink is very tasty and you can drink it instead of your daily tea-coffee i.e. caffeinated drinks. (lal singh chaddha) It is true that drinking tea and coffee is not considered very good for the body because it contains caffeine.

So, if there is no need, you can prepare and drink this immunity booster drink at home from today. After adding honey you will also find it taste delicious. So now your immunity was mine and you will stay away from small and big diseases.

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