Iron Man 3 Cast: Find Out More About Each Iron Man 3 Character, Actors, Actresses in 2023

Introduction: Unveiling the Stars of Iron Man 3

In the world of Iron Man 3, a stellar cast brought the characters to life. Let’s delve into the lives of the actors and actresses who portrayed our favorite heroes and villains in 2023.

1. Robert Downey Jr. – The Charismatic Tony Stark

Meet the Man Behind the Iron Suit

Robert Downey Jr., known for roles in Chaplin and Sherlock Holmes, takes center stage as Tony Stark. At 58, his charisma lights up the screen, making him the heart of Iron Man 3.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow – The Elegant Pepper Potts

Shakespeare in Love’s Leading Lady

Gwyneth Kate Paltrow, at 50, embodies Pepper Potts with grace. Beyond Iron Man 3, her performances in movies like Shakespeare in Love showcase her versatile talent.

3. Don Cheadle – The Resilient Colonel James Rhodes

A Multitalented Force

Donald Frank Cheadle Jr., aged 58, not only portrays Colonel James Rhodes but also excels as an author and director. His versatility shines, adding depth to Iron Man 3.

4. Guy Pearce – The Enigmatic Aldrich Killian

British-Australian Charm

Guy Edward Pearce, a 55-year-old actor and musician, brings Aldrich Killian to life. His British-Australian roots add a unique flair to the character, making him a memorable part of the cast.

5. Rebecca Hall – The Compelling Maya Hansen

Award-Winning Talent

At 41, Rebecca Maria Hall, acclaimed for her British Academy Television Award, adds depth to Maya Hansen. Her presence elevates the cast of Iron Man 3.

6. Jon Favreau – The Loyal Happy Hogan

Behind the Camera and On-Screen

Jonathan Favreau, at 56, not only plays Happy Hogan but also contributes as a director and producer. His dedication both in front of and behind the camera is noteworthy.

7. Ben Kingsley – The Mysterious Trevor Slattery

A British Acting Legend

Sir Ben Kingsley, at 79, brings his legendary talent to the role of Trevor Slattery. Known for Sexy Beast, his presence adds a layer of intrigue to Iron Man 3.

8. James Badge Dale – The Intense Savin

From 24 to the Marvel Universe

James Badge Dale, aged 45, known for his role in 24, adds intensity to Savin. His diverse acting background enriches the Iron Man 3 experience.

9. Stephanie Szostak – The Elegant Brandt

French Flair

Stephanie Szostak, a 47-year-old French actress, graces the screen as Brandt. Known for Jacqueline Follet, her elegance enhances the cast’s diversity.

10. Paul Bettany – The Voice of Jarvis

British-American Brilliance

Paul Bettany, a 51-year-old actor, lends his voice to Jarvis. His contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as J.A.R.V.I.S. is an integral part of Iron Man 3.

11. William Sadler – The Commanding President Ellis

A Veteran Actor

At 73, William Thomas Sadler embodies President Ellis. With a rich history in film and television, his authoritative presence leaves a lasting impact.

12. Dale Dickey – The Devoted Mrs. Davis

Acting Dedication

Diana Dale Dickey, at 61, brings Mrs. Davis to life. Her dedication to her craft shines, making her a valued part of the Iron Man 3 ensemble.

13. Ty Simpkins – The Young Harley Keener

Promising Young Talent

Ty Keegan Simpkins, a young American actor, portrays Harley Keener. At a tender age, his potential shines through, adding a youthful dynamic to the cast.

14. Miguel Ferrer – The Strong Vice President Rodriguez

RoboCop’s Notable Presence

Miguel José Ferrer, recognized for his role in RoboCop, lends strength to Vice President Rodriguez. His diverse acting background enriches the Iron Man 3 narrative.

15. Wang Xueqi – The Wise Doctor Wu

Chinese Cinematic Excellence

Wang Xueqi, a 77-year-old Chinese actor, brings wisdom to Doctor Wu. His contribution adds an international flavor to Iron Man 3.

16. Shaun Toub – The Impactful Ho Yinsen

From The Path to 9/11 to the Marvel Universe

Iranian-American actor Shaun Toub, at 60, leaves a lasting impact as Ho Yinsen. His journey from The Path to 9/11 to Iron Man 3 is commendable.

17. Pat Kiernan – The Familiar Pat Kiernan

A Trusted TV Host*

Patrick Kiernan, a 54-year-old TV host, appears as himself. His “In the Papers” feature is a familiar touch, connecting the audience to the real world.

18. Thomas Roberts – The Journalistic Thomas Roberts

A Multifaceted Personality*

Thomas Albert Roberts, at 50, adds a journalistic touch to Iron Man 3. His presence bridges the gap between fiction and reality.

19. Bill Maher – The Witty Bill Maher

Comedic Brilliance

William Maher, aged 67, brings his wit to Iron Man 3. Known for Real Time with Bill Maher, his comedic flair adds a lighthearted touch.

20. Joan Rivers – The Legendary Joan Rivers

A Trailblazer in Comedy*

Joan Alexandra Molinsky, remembered for her groundbreaking work, appears as herself. Her legacy in comedy enriches the Iron Man 3 experience.

21. George Kotsiopoulos – The Stylish George Kotsiopoulos

Fashion Police Fame

George Kotsiopoulos, a 54-year-old actor, adds style to the cast. Known for Fashion Police, his presence brings a touch of glamour.

22. Ashley Hamilton – The Comedic Taggart

Stewarts & Hamiltons Alum*

Ashley George Hamilton, aged 48, adds humor as Taggart. His background in comedy enriches the comedic elements of Iron Man 3.

23. Jan Broberg Felt – The Versatile Senior Technician

Acting, Singing, and Dancing

Jan Broberg Felt, aged 60, showcases her versatility as Senior Technician. Her diverse talents contribute to the richness of Iron Man 3.

24. Andrew Lauer – The Adventurous Satellite Technician

From Teenage Dragonslayer to Iron Man 3*

Andrew Lauer, a 57-year-old actor and filmmaker, brings adventure to the role of Satellite Technician. His diverse career adds excitement to the Iron Man 3 cast.

25. Tom Virtue – The Seasoned Thomas Richards

A Veteran Actor*

Thomas Edwin Virtue Jr., aged 65, brings experience to the role of Thomas Richards. His seasoned presence adds depth to the Iron Man 3 narrative.

26. Yvonne Zima – The Youthful Miss Elk Ridge

American Acting Charm*

Yvonne Zima, aged 34, adds youthful charm as Miss Elk Ridge. Known for The Long Kiss Goodnight, her American acting

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