Is Amber Lancaster Pregnant? Is Amber Lancaster Married?

Is Amber Lancaster Pregnant? Is Amber Lancaster Married?

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Is Amber Lancaster Pregnant?

As of now, there is no evidence or confirmation that Amber Lancaster is pregnant. Amber Leigh Lancaster, born September 19, 1980 in Tacoma, Washington, is a multi-talented American personality known for her roles in The Price is Right and RJ Berger’s Hard Times.

In addition to her acting and modeling career, she is an accomplished interior designer who runs her own business, Lancaster Interiors. With a diverse portfolio and a career spanning multiple industries, Amber remains a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

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Is Amber Lancaster Married?

Yes, Amber Lancaster is married, but in September 2020, she announced her separation from businessman AJ Allodi. The couple got married on October 7, 2017 in Palm Springs, California. In April 2019, Amber shared the exciting news that she was expecting her first child with son Russ, who was born prematurely on August 3, 2019 due to health issues.

Unfortunately, she had a partial hysterectomy, removing her uterus due to further complications during childbirth. Despite these challenges, Amber faced life’s changes with resilience.


Who is Amber Lancaster?

Amber Leigh Lancaster is an American model, actress and interior designer. Acting since 2003, she gained recognition for her role as Jenny Swanson on MTV’s RJ Berger’s Hard Times. It is worth noting that she is also known to the audience as a model in the popular game show “The Price Is Right”. In addition to her entertainment career, Amber has dabbled in interior design.

In 2017, she got married to AJ Allodi but unfortunately the marriage ended in divorce in 2020. Amber is a mother of one child. With a diverse portfolio that includes acting, modeling and design, Amber Lancaster continues to make her mark in the entertainment and design industries.

Full name

Amber Leigh Lancaster

Date of birth

September 19, 1980

place of birth

Tacoma, Washington, United States


Actress, model, interior designer

Active years

2003 – to date


The Price is Right, Hard Times by RJ Berger


AJ Allodi (m. 2017; div. 2020)



Famous roles

Jenny Swanson on RJ Berger’s Hard Times on MTV


Owner of Lancaster Interiors

The Early Life of Amber Lancaster

Born in Tacoma, Washington, Amber Lancaster attended Franklin Pierce High School where she began to make her mark. In 1998, she showcased her early talent and won the title of Miss Washington Teen USA. After that, she joined the Sea Gals, the cheerleading squad for the Seattle Seahawks. Amber spent five seasons with Sea Gals before heading to Los Angeles to pursue her passions of dancing and modeling.

His early life charts a trajectory of success, from winning pageants in Washington, D.C., to rooting for the Seahawks, which set the stage for his later success in the entertainment industry. Amber’s story is one of starting small, dreaming big and taking steps towards her ambitions.

Amber Lancaster career

Amber Lancaster’s career has been a varied journey in the entertainment industry. Starting in 2003, he demonstrated his dancing skills on the popular show “Soul Train” and remained a regular for three years until 2006. His involvement extended into the music scene and appeared in Bo Bice’s music video for The Real Thing. In 2007, she won the 2007 Scream Awards, highlighting her versatility.

The turning point came in 2008, when she became one of the models on The Price Is Right, cementing her connection with viewers. In addition to her television roles, Amber won an award at the 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards and portrayed Jenny Swanson on MTV’s RJ Berger’s Hard Times. She is also a successful entrepreneur, running her own interior design business, Lancaster Interiors.

Age of Amber Lancaster

Born on September 19, 1980 in Tacoma, Washington, Amber Lancaster is currently 43 years old as of 2023. Lancaster has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry with a career spanning acting, modeling and interior design. From her early breakthroughs in the US as a teenager to her roles on Soul Train, The Price is Right and The Hard Times of RJ Berger, Miss Washington has shown her versatility.

Despite the varied aspects of her career and personal life, she remains a respected figure in the entertainment world, showing resilience and success in various endeavors even as she embraces her 40s.

Amber Lancaster Net Worth

The fortune of American model and actress Amber Lancaster is 500 thousand dollars. She began her journey by winning the Miss Washington Teen USA pageant in 1998 and supporting the Seattle Seahawks for five years. Amber, who has moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and modeling, is on the Are You Hot? participated in the reality series. 2003 and appeared in Bo Bice’s music video for “The Real Thing”.

Notably, she joined The Price is Right as a model in 2008 and won the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2009. Best known for her role as Jenny Swanson in RJ Berger’s Hard Times, Amber has also appeared in various television series, contributing to her overall success and financial status.

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