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Is UFC fighter Mackenzie Dern pregnant in 2023? With so many rumors and speculations surrounding the personal life of the skilled fighter, it is time to know the reality.

Mackenzie Dern, a renowned UFC strawweight contender and former IBJJF ranked competitor, sits at the intersection of motherhood and a successful mixed martial arts career.

Currently, the Phoenix native is ranked #7 in the UFC strawweight division as of September 19, 2023.

The UFC fighter has a drive in the Octagon and is a loving mother to her daughter Moa.

Recent online speculation about a possible pregnancy in 2023 has raised curiosity. Learn the truth behind these rumors in this short article.

Is Mackenzie Dern pregnant? Weight gain rumors addressed

Contrary to online rumors, Mackenzie Dern is not expecting another child in 2023.

After sharing news of her pregnancy in February 2019, she welcomed daughter Moa in June of the same year.

Since then, he has quickly returned to his MMA profession, showing his strength in the UFC’s strawweight division.

Rumors of her weight gain are also unfounded, going by the Instagram posts where she showcases a fit and attractive physique.

Despite her unwavering dedication to her craft, Dern faced surprising backlash on social media after announcing her first pregnancy in 2019.

Highlighting the fickle nature of online popularity, the skilled fighter revealed a loss of 20,000 followers after sharing information about her impending motherhood.

Still, that setback didn’t deter her and she made a remarkable return to the Octagon just four months after giving birth to daughter Moa.

Mackenzie Dern faces Jessica Andrade at UFC 295

Looking ahead, Mackenzie Dern is set to face Jessica Andrade at the upcoming UFC 295, which will be her third fight on the primary card.

This UFC women’s strawweight division bout is guaranteed to be an interesting matchup between two skilled fighters.

With an MMA file of 24-12, Jessica Andrade brings a wealth of expertise to the Octagon.

Following her recent defeat to Tatiana Suarez, Andrade’s all-round abilities include a tremendous accuracy of 50% and stable fighting stats, making her an amazing opponent.

On the other hand, Mackenzie Dern, who has a 13-3 record, is on an 8-3 run in the UFC.

Her recent win over Angela Hill showed her strength despite having an amazing accuracy of 40%.

Dern’s grappling ability adds an element of unpredictability to the bout, with 0.81 takedowns per quarter hour and 1.5 submission attempts in the same period.

As anticipation grows for UFC 295, the focus on Mackenzie Dern’s performance is moving beyond the Octagon as fans and followers await the final outcome of this intriguing clash between two professional athletes.

Still, Mackenzie Dern remains a drive in the octagon and the realm of motherhood.

Denying rumors circulating online, Dern has stood firm in her decision to focus on her MMA career, evidenced by her dedicated return to the UFC strawweight division following the birth of her daughter Moa.

The social media fame rollercoaster, which saw her lose a massive amount of followers after sharing her pregnancy information, did not influence Dern’s decision.

His resilience and rapid return to the Octagon demonstrated his physical strength and steadfast dedication to his art.

Looking forward to UFC 295, where Dern meets Jessica Andrade, the stage is set for a compelling contest.

The clash between their contrasting formats and experiences guarantees fans an exciting showdown.

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