Is MAFS Star Gemma Rose Barnes Pregnant 2023? Who is Gemma Rose Barnes Husband?

Is MAFS Star Gemma Rose Barnes Pregnant 2023? Who is Gemma Rose Barnes Husband?

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Is MAFS star Gemma Rose Barnes pregnant in 2023?

Yes, Gemma Rose Barnes, a contestant on the seventh season of Married at First Sight, confirmed her pregnancy in 2023. The announcement came six months after the weight loss surgery. Gemma happily shared the news on Instagram with boyfriend Jordan Bish, who she met after appearing on the reality show. In a heartwarming video, they revealed the baby’s gender with blue confetti and announced the expected arrival in March 2024.

This positive news follows Gemma’s difficult journey on the show, with a troubled marriage and regrets about the impact on her children. Despite her past challenges, Gemma is grateful to her partner for her support and is looking forward to this new chapter in her life.

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Gemma Rose Barnes MAFS

Gemma Rose Barnes has been recognized as a contestant on reality TV show Married At First Sight (MAFS). Her journey on the series included marrying a man named Matt during filming in April, and she has been open about her struggles with alcohol addiction. Not only did Gemma share her journey to sobriety, she also criticized the show’s producers for allowing her to take part while struggling with drug addiction.

In addition, Gemma has become the subject of interest for her weight loss journey, where she underwent gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey and showed impressive results. In addition to her MAFS experience, Gemma’s story is one of personal challenge and commitment to health, making her a compelling personality in the reality TV industry.


Who is Gemma Rose Barnes Husband?

Gemma Rose Barnes, a participant in the seventh season of “Britain at First Sight”, was initially married to a man named Matt during the filming of the reality show. However, their arranged marriage was marred by turmoil, including complications stemming from Matt’s feelings for fellow contestant Whitney Hughes. The dynamics of Gemma’s relationship with Matt and the challenges that followed were highlights of her journey on the show. Despite the initial connection through arranged marriage, the relationship was plagued with difficulties and arguments.

Gemma Rose Barnes is currently in a relationship with Jordan Bish. The couple is expecting a child together.

Married at First Sight (MAFS)

Married at First Sight, or MAFS, is a British TV show in which people who don’t know each other decide to get married on the spot. They live together for a while and go to parties where they talk about how their relationship is going. Then they choose whether to stay together or not. Owen and Michelle from Series 5 were the first couple to celebrate their 1 year anniversary on 14 March 2021.

The show moved to another channel in 2021, called E4, and followed the format of the Australian version. People liked the show so much that it was renewed for more episodes, with a longer seventh series of 30 episodes and a big eighth series of 37 episodes. It goes to show that many people enjoy watching a TV show’s unique way of looking at relationships.

Marriage at first sight


Reality television

Created by

Michael von Wurden


Gift Ved Første Blik (Danish series)

developed by


Country of manufacture; supplier country

United Kingdom

Original language


Number of series



Channel 4 (2015–2020)

E4 (2021–)


July 9, 2015 – Present

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