Is Sophie Cannell Pregnant? Who is Sophie Cannell Husband?

Is Sophie Cannell Pregnant? Who is Sophie Cannell Husband?

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Is Sophie Cannell Pregnant?

Yes, Damien Hirst’s girlfriend Sophie Cannell is pregnant. She shared the news on Instagram with a photo of her bikini-clad baby bump. The caption said they were expecting a boy. The couple, who have a significant age difference of 28, have been together for three years and the news has garnered congratulations and well wishes from followers. While Damien Hirst hasn’t commented on the pregnancy, his involvement is evident through some of the NFT artwork he created featuring the pregnancy emoji. Speculations about their engagement have been fueled by Sophie’s recent Instagram post with a precious stone ring on her left hand.

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Who is Sophie Cannell’s husband?

Sophie Cannell is single. She is known as the lover of British artist Damien Hirst. The couple has been together for three years and recently announced that they are expecting their first child.

Despite the age difference, although Sophie is 28 years younger than Damien, they seem happy with each other. Although Damien Hirst has not publicly commented on their marital status, their relationship has caught the attention of the public, especially with Sophie sharing updates on social media platforms.


Who is Sophie Cannell?

Sophie Cannell is a ballerina who gained recognition through her collaboration with British artist Damien Hirst. Sophie, who is known for her relationship with Hirst, 55, has been dating him for over a year. In some sources, she is called Sophie Amber Cannell. His presence is visible on Damien Hirst’s Instagram account, where he is featured in various photos and posts. The couple’s relationship, marked by an age gap, attracted public attention, and Sophie remains in the public eye with Damien Hirst.

Sophie Cannell’s career

Sophie Cannell has had a multifaceted career that includes her credentials as a former ballerina and actress. Although specific details about his career are limited, he appeared in On Fire (2023) and Hello? recognized as an actress in a short film. (2021), where he portrayed the characters Isabelle and Lara, respectively.

Despite the lack of information about her professional career, Sophie attracted attention not only for her roles in these films, but also for her high-profile relationship with British artist Damien Hirst. Additionally, her presence in various photos and posts on Damien Hirst’s Instagram account shows her visibility and presence in the arts and entertainment circles.

Who is Damien Hirst?

Damien Hirst, born 7 June 1965, is a prominent British artist and art collector, best known for his role in the Young British Artists (YBA) in the 1990s. He is one of the richest artists in the UK, with an estimated net worth of $384 million in 2020. He worked closely with collector Charles Saatchi early in his career, but they had some problems and their partnership ended in 2003.

Hirst’s art often deals with the theme of death, and he is known for preserving animals such as sharks and cows in a special liquid. One of his most famous works is “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of a Living Man” depicting a large shark. It is also known for its ‘rotating pictures’ and ‘spot pictures’. In 2008, Hirst sold an entire art exhibition, Beautiful Inside My Head Forever, for 111 million pounds ($198 million), breaking records at Sotheby’s. Despite his success, some of Hirst’s works have faced difficulties and led to legal problems due to accusations of plagiarism.


Damien Stephen Brennan

Date of birth

June 7, 1965



Place of birth

Bristol, England, United Kingdom


Jacob Kramer College, Goldsmiths College


Young British artists


Turner Prize

Damien Hirst Net Worth

Famous English artist Damien Hirst has a lot of money – 700 million dollars to be exact. He really rose to fame in the 90s as part of a great group called Young British Artists. People know him for making special sculptures of non-living animals and he preserves them in a liquid called formaldehyde. His most famous work is called “The Physical Impossibility of Death in One’s Mind.”

In 2008, Damien did something big and different. Instead of selling his art at regular art venues, he sold his entire show through a Sotheby’s auction. It was almost 200 million dollars! Due to this and his amazing and unique art, Damien Hirst is now known as the richest artist in the world.

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