Kasia Bodurka Is Leaving Global News? Fans Afraid

Kasia Bodurka Is Leaving Global News: Bodurka, who has worked for the station for the past five years, made her live on-air departure announcement on August 27, 2022. Fans are still unsure of where she plans to go, though.

Bodurka is featured on weekends on both Global News Morning and Global News at Noon. She joined Global BC in 2017. She provides a variety of broadcasting and forecasting expertise from both domestically and internationally.

Kasia Bodurka Is Leaving Global News – Before working for Global BC, she spent five years hosting and producing a live daily variety show. She also worked for five more years as a host and producer of onboard television on cruise ships, where she covered the weather across Canada and the seven seas.

She studied mass communication with a focus on broadcast journalism at the University of Ottawa before transferring to Seneca College in Toronto. Soon after graduating, she landed her first job as a community events host and producer for a small local TV station in Durham, Ontario. Kasia Bodurka Is Leaving Global News

In the United States, she also provided service in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She worked as a travel and brand TV host and live presenter for Cruise Line Media Production for one year and four months in 2015.

She is one of Canada’s most significant media anchors and has worked as a journalist for about 20 years. Her sudden departure will be a big loss for the channel.

Does Kasia Bodurka Plan to Leave Global News?

Kasia Bodurka has revealed that she is leaving the company after five years as the channel’s weather anchor and journalist. Kasia Bodurka Is Leaving Global News

The journalist made her decision on a live broadcast, which surprised her fans a little. Later, the station confirmed the information and also wished the woman luck in her future endeavors.

The fact that their favorite anchor is no longer in command of the program is still tough for fans to comprehend. Several fans have commented on the Canadian journalist’s departure on Twitter. Kasia Bodurka Is Leaving Global News

Some viewers continue to think Bodurka will continue to work for the station. She made a quick video announcement about leaving the show, but she didn’t go into detail. Kasia Bodurka Is Leaving Global News

The Canadian journalist declared that she was ready for her new adventure and that she was looking forward to learning more about herself. We wish her the best of luck in her future undertakings. Kasia Bodurka Is Leaving Global News

Fans are now curious about what she has planned for the future. Will she no longer work as a journalist? We don’t yet know the solution to this question. When we find any concrete information, we’ll let you know.

If sources are to be believed, she might make an appearance in movies and TV shows. We can’t rule this out because she has past experience working on TV shows.

Revealing Kasia Bodurka’s Net Worth

The anticipated net worth of Canadian news anchor Kasia Bodurka in 2022 is $1 million.

The Canadian journalist’s compensation includes an amazing $46k annually. She leads a good life and makes wise investments in some businesses and real estate.

She has had a more than 15-year career and has succeeded in gaining not just names but also fame for her line of work. To get where she is today, a tremendous amount of tenacity and dedication were required.

NameKasia Bodurka
ProfessionWeather Journalist
Age35 years
HusbandEdward A. Bowser
Net Worth$1 Million

Age of Kasia Bodurka

A well-known news anchor and reporter in her 30s, Kasia Bodurka is a weather girl. She is a Canadian news anchor and a spokesperson. Kasia Bodurka Is Leaving Global News

After being highlighted in the Global News BC weather report, Bodurka attracted notice. For almost 15 years, she has also worked in the press and television.

In reality, she has maintained a demanding schedule throughout her career. The hardworking reporter Kasia occasionally takes a break.

Kasia Bodurka’s work as a journalist

Due to her work as the weather anchor for Global News Morning and Global News at Noon Weekends, Kasia Bodurka is a well-known figure to viewers all around the world.

Since she started working for the Global News network in 2017, the diva has contributed her considerable expertise in forecasting and broadcasting to well-known Canadian media sources. The diva has been fairly successful in her role.

Kasia worked as a co-host and host of a daily variety show for the five years before to joining Global BC, where she was also in charge of producing the program. This is a position that Kasia has held in the past.

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