Katie Richards Obituary: What is Her Cause of Death?

Katie Richards Obituary: What is Her Cause of Death?

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North Dakota resident “Katie Richards” was known for her devotion to academic success. She had a significant impact on the lives of many students. It is with great sadness that we tell you that Katie has passed away. In this post you will get all the information related to Katie and her death.

What is the cause of death of Katie Richards?

On Thursday, November 2, 2023, Katie Richards, director of Disability Services and Student Success at Mayville State University, died in a car accident.

Their SUV swerved, spun, and went through a T-intersection. The collision occurred approximately eight miles west of Reynolds, North Dakota, at the intersection of Eagle Avenue and Grand Forks County 25.

The incident created a void that would be difficult to fill and sent shockwaves through academia. It is clear that the collision caused serious injuries that ultimately proved fatal.

How did the community react to the death of Katie Richards?

The University of North Dakota community is in deep mourning following the tragic and unexpected death of one of its beloved graduates and former women’s basketball great, Katie Richards. Mayville State University also paid tribute to him in a Facebook post shown below:

Mike Delohery posted, “I love you Katie. Prayers to all her family and friends. RIP”

Alicia Wolfgram published, “Today our hearts are broken. “I can’t thank Katie Richards enough for coming into our lives and sharing your family with us.”

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What work did Katie Richards do in her life?

Katie J. Richards, M.Ed. from Mayville State University. She was more than just an employee. To many students, she was a friend, mentor and advisor. She dedicated her life to ensuring that all children received the tools and assistance they needed to achieve their goals in her role as Director of Children’s and Disability Success Services.

Richards was a trailblazer more than ten years ago when she was hired as an assistant and became one of the first women to coach men’s basketball in North Dakota. She stated at the time that an all-boys team would fit her personality better.

Additionally, she coached high school and kindergarten teams. Throughout her tenure at the institution, Katie won the hearts of many people with her warmth, compassion, and steadfast commitment to her students, as well as her love for the game of basketball.

Katie, a former star of the UND women’s basketball program, was a crucial member of the group that helped the school win national championships. Her extraordinary skills, her strong work ethic and her leadership on the court were crucial to those incredible victories.

Katie Richards

The annals of UND sports history will always bear the imprint of Katie’s accomplishments as a student-athlete. Beyond her involvement in sports, Katie was a shining example of her dedication to the well-being of her students while she served as Director of Student Success and Disability Services at Mayville State University.

She was an inspiration to many, a tenacious advocate for accessibility and equality, and made immeasurable contributions to the university.

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