Kon Hai Satish kaushik ki wife? boyfriend, affair,

The sudden death of actor and director Satish Kaushik on Wednesday came as a shock to the industry. His close friend, filmmaker and screenwriter Rumi Jaffrey said in an interview that Kaushik wanted to live long enough to see his daughter settle down in life. Satish Kaushik is survived by wife Shashi and daughter Vanshika.

Rumi said in an interview to TOI that he got to know about Satish’s death on Thursday morning and went to the actor’s house with his family.

Jafri said, “My wife is very attached to Vanshika. She just clung to the boy and sat quietly. We are all in a state of disbelief. “

Kon Hai Satish kaushik ki wife?

Satish kaushik ki wife Shashi Kaushik hai. Satish kaushik is life patner of satish kaushik.

Talking about the late actor, the filmmaker added that he was in high spirits. Jaffrey said that they had dinner together at Anupam Kher’s birthday a few days ago, where they spoke about his future plans.

He added that there was never a dull moment with Kaushik around.

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