Little Shop of Horrors Where are They Now? Latest Updates on the Cast

Little Shop of Horrors Where are They Now? Latest Updates on the Cast

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Little Shop of Horrors Where are they now?

Rick Moranis (Seymour):

After playing the role of Seymour, Rick Moranis continued his acting career with roles in such popular films as Spaceballs, Ghostbusters II, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and Parenthood. In the late 90s, he took a break from acting to focus on his family after the tragic death of his wife. However, in 2020, it was announced that she will be returning to the big screen for the upcoming reboot of Honey, I Cut The Children.

Ellen Green (Audrey):

Ellen Greene, who played Audrey, went on to a successful career in both film and television with roles in Talk Radio, Pump Up the Volume and Léon: The Professional. He has also appeared in various television shows, including The Adventures of Pete and Pete and The X-Files.

Vincent Gardenia (Mushnik):

Vincent Gardenia, who portrayed Mushnik, received an Oscar nomination for his role in Moonlight and an Emmy for HBO’s Old Friends. Unfortunately, he died in 1992.

Levi Stubbs (Audrey II – Voice):

Levi Stubbs, the voice of Audrey II, was the lead singer of The Four Tops. He continued to work in voice roles and died in 2008.

Steve Martin (Orin Scrivello):

Steve Martin, who plays Orin Scrivello, has had a varied career as a writer, comedian and actor. He has acted in various films, won several awards and even had a successful music career as a banjo player.

Jim Belushi (Patrick Martin):

Jim Belushi, better known as Patrick Martin on film, had a prolific acting career in both television and film, including the long-running series According to Jim. He later hosted the Discovery series about the cannabis industry.

John Candy (Vink Wilkinson):

John Candy, who played Wink Wilkinson, went on to appear in popular comedies such as Uncle Buck and Home Alone. Unfortunately, he died in 1994.

Bill Murray (Arthur Denton):

Bill Murray, who played Arthur Denton, has had an impressive career in comedy, starring in such films as Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day and Lost in Translation. He also starred in the recent Ghostbusters remake.

Tichina Arnold (Crystal):

Tichina Arnold, who played the role of “Crystal,” has found success on television with roles in “Martin,” “Everybody Hates Chris,” and “The Neighborhood.”

Tisha Campbell (Chiffon):

Tisha Campbell, who created the character of Chiffon, also flourished on television, appearing in the films “Martin”, “My Wife and Kids” and “Neighborhood”. She is divorced from her husband Dwayne Martin.

Michelle Weeks (Ronette):

Michelle Weeks, who played Ronette, had limited screen credits after the film, but she did have a Broadway career, including a role in The Tap Dance Kid.

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Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors is a 1986 horror comedy musical directed by Frank Oz, based on the off-Broadway musical of the same name, which was in turn inspired by the 1960 film by Roger Corman. The story follows Seymour Crelborn, a florist who stumbles upon a mysterious plant that feeds on human blood and wants to rule the world. The film features a talented cast including Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Steve Martin and the voice of Levi Stubbs. With its blend of dark humor and catchy musical numbers, the film has wowed audiences and critics alike and has been a cult favorite over the years.

It is worth noting that the original ending of the film was significantly reworked due to audience feedback, but in 2012 the original ending was restored in the director’s cut. Little Shop of Horrors is known for its unique blend of comedy, horror and musical elements, making it a beloved classic in the musical film industry.


The plot of Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors follows the story of Seymour Crelborn and Audrey, who work at a flower shop in the rough neighborhood of Skid Row. Their luck changes when Seymour discovers a rare plant with an appetite for human blood, which he names Audrey II. As Seymour nurtures the plant, it grows and becomes a local sensation, bringing fame and business to the flower shop.

Audrey, Seymour’s colleague, dreams of a better life away from Skid Row and secretly loves him, but she ends up in a bad relationship with a sadistic dentist named Orin Scrivello. As Audrey II’s demands for blood increase, Seymour is torn between his love for Audrey and the factory’s promise of glory. Things take a dark turn when Seymour accidentally kills Orin and feeds him to Audrey II.

As the plant continues to grow, Seymour’s life spirals out of control. She plans to escape Skid Row with Audrey, but Audrey II’s insatiable appetite leads to a chilling and tragic climax. The plot is a mixture of dark comedy, horror and romance, creating a unique and unforgettable tale.

Little Shop of Horrors cast



Rick Moranis

Seymour Crelborn

Ellen Greene


Vincent Gardenia

Mr. Mushnik

Steve Martin

Orin Scrivello, DDS

Levi Stubbs

Voice of Audrey II

Anthony Asbury

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Brian Henson

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Mac Wilson

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Robert Tygner

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Sue Dacre

A puppeteer for Audrey II

David Barclay

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Marcus Clarke

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Paul Springer

A puppeteer for Audrey II

David Greenaway

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Toby Philpott

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Michael Bayliss

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Michael Barclay

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Don Austen

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Chris Leith

A puppeteer for Audrey II

William Todd-Jones

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Terry Lee

A puppeteer for Audrey II

by Ian Tregon

A puppeteer for Audrey II

John Alexander

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Michael Quinn

A puppeteer for Audrey II

James Barton

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Graham Fletcher

A puppeteer for Audrey II

Quiet Arnold


Michelle Weeks


Tisha Campbell


Jim Belushi

Patrick Martin

Paul Dooley

(Original ending by Patrick Martin)

John Candy

Wink Wilkinson

Christopher is a guest

First customer

Bill Murray

Arthur Denton

Miriam Margolyes


Stanley Jones


Mac Wilson

Doo-Wop Backup Singers

Danny John-Jules

Doo-Wop Backup Singers

Danny Cunningham

Doo-Wop Backup Singers

Gary Palmer

Doo-Wop Backup Singers

Paul Swaby

Doo-Wop Backup Singers

Heather Henson

Orin’s Patient (cameo)

Vincent Wong

Chinese florist

Carrie Sheil

Life magazine contributor

Reading Bertis

Old lady “downtown”.

Little Shop of Horrors Trailer

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