Magnum TA Car Accident, What Happened to Magnum TA?

Magnum TA Car Accident, What Happened to Magnum TA?

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Who is Magnum Ta?

Terry Wayne Allen, born June 11, 1959, is a retired American professional wrestler known as Magnum TA. Magnum TA had a lot of potential and was being primed for a potential shot at the prestigious NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

However, his career was cut short due to a car accident in 1986, which forced him into early retirement. After retiring from in-ring competition, Magnum TA moved on to non-wrestling roles in various wrestling promotions. Although not an active wrestler, he has dabbled in the industry and performed in a variety of ways.

Prior to his wrestling career, Allen attended Norfolk College in Norfolk, Virginia, where he received his education. He also displayed his athletic prowess as a member of the college’s wrestling team. In the 167-pound weight class, Allen dominated and had a remarkable success, such as winning the state championship. After graduating from high school, he entered Old Dominion University.

It should be noted that Terry Wayne Allen is also the stepfather of the talented professional wrestler Tessa Blanchard. Tessa moved in with Allen, her mother, Courtney Shattuck, and her siblings when she was four. Outside of wrestling, Allen works as a manager for a network solutions company.

He currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Despite Magnum TA’s early retirement, his contributions to the world of professional wrestling are still remembered and celebrated. His influence on the industry, combined with his untapped potential, cements his place in wrestling history.

Magnum Ta car accident

It’s been over 36 years since Magnum TA was involved in a serious car accident that left him paralyzed and ended his successful wrestling career. However, the former NWA United States Champion, now 64 years old, remembers the night of October 14, 1986 as vividly as if it happened yesterday.

In a recent interview with the Norfolk Navy Flagship, Magnum recounted the accident and how it happened. Although he never lost consciousness during the test, he recalled driving at a speed limit that was too fast considering the heavy rain and terrible weather conditions at the time. Magnum admitted that the hydroplane accident could have been avoided if he had gone 15 to 20 mph slower.

After the accident, Magnum spent five months in the hospital. During this time, she vowed to stay positive and refuse to wallow in self-pity. She aims to maintain a positive attitude and make the most of her recovery, inspiring others along the way. Magnum believed that with God’s help, he was able to overcome difficulties and encourage those around him.

Medical experts doubted he would ever walk again, but six months after the crash, Magnum made an emotional appearance walking down the aisle with the aid of a cane at the NWA’s Crockett Cup.


What happened to Magnum TA?

Magnum TA, whose real name was Terry Wayne Allen, was involved in a major car accident on October 14, 1986, which left him paralyzed and ended his successful wrestling career. More than 36 years have passed since the accident, but Magnum still remembers that fateful night vividly.

In a recent interview with the Norfolk Navy Flagship, Magnum, now 64, shared his memories of the incident. He recalled driving in heavy rain and obeying the posted speed limit, but the weather conditions made it difficult to control the vehicle. He hydroplaned due to excessive speed and believes that if he had driven 15 to 20 mph slower, the accident may not have happened.

Despite doctors doubting his ability to walk again, just six months after the accident, Magnum stunned everyone by walking down the aisle with the aid of a cane at the NWA’s Crockett Cup.

After his wrestling career ended, Magnum TA was faced with the challenge of finding new means to make a living. While some retired wrestlers use their fame through social media or public appearances, Magnum took a different route. To support himself, he took on various endeavors such as motivational speaking and real estate. Although his physical abilities were limited due to an accident, Magnum continued to inspire others with his positive attitude and determination.

Magnum TA’s story serves as a reminder of her resilience and not letting her circumstances define her. Despite a tragic car accident that ended his wrestling career, he continues to find purpose and motivation in life and continues to be an inspiration to others facing adversity.

Magnum TA wrestler

Magnum TA, whose real name was Terry Wayne Allen, had a successful career as a professional wrestler in the 1970s and 1980s. He began his wrestling journey in 1978 when he joined the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and competed in various territories such as Florida Championship Wrestling and Pacific Northwest Wrestling (PNW).

During his tenure in Championship Wrestling Florida (CWF), Magnum TA achieved great success, winning the Global Tag Team Championship five times. After his stint in the CWF, he moved to Mid-South Wrestling, where he experienced a turnaround.

He changed his name to Magnum TA and adopted the persona of “American Heartthrob” inspired by his slight resemblance to actor Tom Selleck from the popular Magnum series. comes from the legendary wrestler André the Giant.

Magnum TA’s Mid-South Wrestling career reached new heights on May 13, 1984 when he captured his first major North American Heavyweight title. He defeated Mr. Wrestling II to win the title. Magnum held the championship for five months until losing it to Ernie Ladd on October 16. The two wrestlers had a rematch on November 22, but Magnum was disqualified, resulting in another loss.

In 1984, Jim Crockett Promotions, part of the NWA, signed Magnum TA to their roster. He quickly became influential, feuding with notable stars such as Wahoo McDaniel. Magnum defeated Wahoo McDaniel to win the United States Heavyweight Championship on March 23, 1985.

She successfully defended the title against wrestlers such as Kamala before feuding with the Four Horsemen who dominated professional wrestling at the time. Magnum’s rivalry with Horsemen member Tully Blanchard and his friend Baby Doll became one of the hottest storylines of the era. However, Magnum’s reign as United States Heavyweight Champion was cut short on July 21 when he lost the title to Tully Blanchard.

Magnum TA also had an opportunity to challenge Ric Flair for the prestigious NWA World Heavyweight Championship on September 28, 1985. Although he was brave, Magnum did not win the championship. However, he did not let this setback define him. In a memorable moment, Magnum once again defeated Tully Blanchard in an “I’m Gone” match at Starrcade on November 28 to regain the US Championship.

In April 1986, Magnum TA’s career took a tragic turn. He got into a fight with Ivan Koloff, who started bragging about his nephew Nikita Koloff becoming the US Heavyweight Champion. A contract was signed to defend the title against Nikita in May.

However, during the signing, Nikita insulted Magnum’s mother, which led to a physical altercation. As a result, Magnum received a public reprimand from NWA President Bob Geigel for his behavior. Magnum responded strongly to the reprimand and was subsequently stripped of the United States title.

A best of seven series was arranged between Magnum TA and Nikita Koloff to determine the new champion. Magnum faced an uphill battle as they lost their first three games in a row. However, he made a strong comeback, winning the next three games to extend the streak. In the end, in a tiebreaker match on August 17, 1986, Nikita won with help from Ivan Koloff and Krusher Khrushchev, ending Magnum’s hopes of regaining the title.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck the Magnum TA on October 14, 1986. While driving his Porsche in rainy conditions in Charlotte, North Carolina, he lost control and crashed into a telephone pole. The accident left him with severe injuries, including burst vertebrae at C-4 and C-5. At that time, there were doubts whether he would ever walk again.

Magnum’s physical condition saved his life. However, he was paralyzed on the right side of his body, effectively ending his in-ring career. The loss of Magnum TA as an active wrestler led to a change in the wrestling landscape. Jim Crockett Promotions booker Dusty Rhodes made Nikita Koloff a fan-favorite (babyface) hero as he gained respect due to strong competition from Magnum.

Magnum made his first on-screen appearance on TBS’s Super Towns on Superstation, where he was interviewed by Tony Schiavone. He also made a special appearance in the 1987 Croquet Cup, supporting Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff for a brace.

After retiring from in-ring competition, Magnum TA continued to contribute to the wrestling industry in various roles. He has worked as a commentator for promotions such as the NWA, UWF and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He also worked as a manager for wrestlers such as Dusty Rhodes and Ivan Koloff. Although he appeared regularly with Jim Crockett Promotions until 1993, Magnum gradually withdrew from active wrestling.

Over the years, Magnum TA has made occasional appearances at wrestling events and conventions, often as a special guest or in recognition of his contributions to the industry. His legacy as a talented wrestler and charismatic figure in the wrestling world remains strong, with fans and wrestlers reminiscing about his incredible career and the unfortunate circumstances that cut it short.

Magnum TA net worth

Magnum TA was a successful wrestler who primarily earned his income through his wrestling career. He comes from America. Although exact numbers are not available, Magnum TA’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million as of 2023. Even after retiring from active competition, Magnum TA appeared several times in the wrestling industry.

On May 20, 1995, he was recognized as a legend at Smoky Mountain Wrestling’s Carolina Memories show in Charlotte. On January 14, 2005, he made a guest appearance at the Exodus Wrestling Alliance event. He also participated in the Carolina Wrestling Association and supported Jason Jones in a May 21 match against George South Jr.

Magnum TA also stood in Dusty Rhodes’ corner at the Tribute to Starrcade event on November 19, when Rhodes faced Tully Blanchard. Additionally, on June 24, 2007, Magnum TA made his World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) debut at Vengeance: Night of Champions (PPV), where he was recognized as the former United States Champion.

These appearances allowed Magnum TA to continue his presence in the wrestling industry and contribute to his overall income. Although he has stepped away from active wrestling, his legacy as a former champion and his continued involvement in the wrestling community have helped keep him financially stable.

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