MTV Hustle 3.0 Contestants, Judges, and More

MTV Hustle 3.0 Contestants, Judges, and More

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MTV Hustle

MTV Hustle is a rap and hip hop music television show from India. Aspiring rappers compete to become the biggest hip-hop star in India. The show is on MTV India. In its first season, it started on August 10, 2019. Raftaar, Nucleya and Raja Kumari were the judges and Gelin Mendonca was the host.

The second season began on September 3, 2022. Chrisann Barretto is the host and Badshah is one of the judges. There are also four team leaders: EPR, Dino James, Dee MC and King Rocco. The third season started on October 21, 2023.

MTV Hustle 3.0 Contestants List

Here is the complete list of contestants on the Indian rap and hip-hop reality show Hustle Season 3.


Content statistics


Shen B




Kayden Sharma




Mrunal Shankar


Vijay Dada




Poet Shaf


Bob-B Randhawa


Rap ID


Shady Mellow


Uday Pandhi








Prince – Artist Singh


Who are the contestants on MTV Hustle 3.0?

Who is Shen B?

Shen B also known as Shayaan Bhat is a hip hop artist from Jammu. He rose to fame in 2019 with the song “Chal Beta”. He composes his music in Hindi, Urdu and English. In 2021, he won the CLEF MUSIC AWARDS. Shen B also performed his hit song ‘Mujhe Dekh’ at the Hustle premiere.

Who is Burra?

Burra whose real name is Jasdeep Singh is a singer. He rose to fame by singing the recently hit song ‘Udja’ in Coke Studio Bharat. He is known for adding Punjabi to his hip-hop songs and he has hit songs like No Love and About Time in his repertoire.

Who is Kaiden Sharma?

Kayden Sharma hails from Hyderabad and considers himself a popular figure in the local scene. He is known for incorporating his local style and language into his performances, which makes him truly unique. Impressed by Kayden’s performance, Dino said on the show, “Hyderabad government should make this the official tourism song.”

Who is Badal?

Badal aka “Safido Ka Chora” is from Safido. He is a young rapper who aims to make Haryanvi culture famous all over the world. Team boss EPR said of Badal, “I already see a winner in you” and showed his confidence in him.

Who is Mrunal Shankar?

Mrunal Shankar, also known as Mrunal S. Dhole, is a vibrant rapper who blends traditional and modern styles in his songs. In his first appearance in Hustle, he rapped a version of the song “Albela Sajan”. Mrunal’s goal is to break stereotypes about female rappers in India.

Who is Vijay Dada?

Vijay Dada represents the ‘Chaar Teen’ area in Mumbai, from where he hails from. He was very close to his local culture and quickly became a well-known performer. Badshah, one of the judges, praised him: “That’s why I came to Hustle, this is the real deal, real local hip-hop!” So Vijay’s performance left a big impression on Badshah.

Who is Gaush?

Gaush is a rapper and singer who is well known outside of his area. He hails from Navi Mumbai and is known for using different styles of music in his songs like chopper, lo-fi, RnB, storytelling, trap and drill. One of the judges, Badshah, appreciated her songwriting skills and said, “This is a masterclass in songwriting right here!” said. This implies that Badshah was impressed with Gaush’s songwriting.

Who is the poet Shaf?

Poet Shaf is a rapper who is passionate about his music. He is also an experienced business development manager and has worked in marketing and advertising in the past. He hails from Prayagraj and often freestyle raps. An interesting fact about the poet Shaf is that some people, including the squad leaders, have noticed that his voice is very similar to the famous singer Adnan Sami.

Who is Bob-B Randhawa?

Bob-B Randhawa, also known as Bobby Randhawa, is a folk performer who specializes in his unique style. He has roots in Punjabi music and currently resides in New Delhi. Bob has already achieved success as an independent artist with songs like “Mirza Bolda” and “Never Coming Back”.

Who is Rap-ID?

Rap-ID also known as Mayank Rawat and Bawal Pahadi hails from Solan, Himachal Pradesh. He is known for his songs like ‘Devi’, ‘Mann Ki Baat’ and ‘Majdoor’. The purpose of Rap-ID is to represent their country and culture to the world. He wants to promote Himachal Pradesh on a global platform through his music.

Who is Shady Mellow?

Shady Mellow isn’t like the typical popular rappers you might come across. But if you listen to his songs, you will definitely be impressed. In his YouTube bio, he says, “Everything I’ve done has led to this. I have one shot now that I don’t want to miss.” Mellow is also known for his excellent songwriting skills.

Who is Uday Pandhi?

Uday Pandhi is an 18-year-old rapper from Delhi who is just beginning to discover his talent in the world of music. He made several songs, but his most significant recognition was his participation in MTV Hustle 3.0.

Who is 100 RBH?

100 RBH also known as Saurabh Abhyankar is a rapper from Amravati, Maharashtra. He draws inspiration from the revolutionary and peace-promoting music he grew up listening to and incorporates these influences into his powerful rap lyrics. His primary language is Marathi and he is currently studying in a polytechnic.

Who is Vish?

Vish, whose real name is Vishal Phehal, is a rapper who blends Haryanvi and Punjabi influences into his music. He hails from Gangtok in Sikkim and is 22 years old. Vish is known for his indigenously inspired songs and impressed team bosses with his performance.

Who is Bassick?

Bassick, also known as Shlok, introduced his unique style of Bundelkhandi music on the Hustle stage and quickly became very popular. One person praised his performance, saying, “This guy’s got some serious lyrical talent too, dark horse, that’s a long shot.” He performed his song ‘Bhoolo Bhatko’ on the show.

Who is Prince – Painter Singh?

Prince – Artist Singh is an independent musician who is a singer, songwriter and rapper. He has collaborated with many famous artists like The PropheC, Karan Aujla, Bilal Saeed, Bohemia and many more. Some of his popular songs include ‘Rags to Riches’, ‘Eyes on you’, ‘Non-violence’, ‘Khlaare’, ‘Kehndi Aa’ and ‘Just Flexsingh’.

MTV Hustle 3.0 judges

MTV Hustle 3.0 will be judged by Rapper Badshah. In addition, there are four team leaders, each of whom oversees a group of four participants. These team leaders are Dee MC (Deepa Unnikrishnan), Ikka (Ankit Singh Patyal), EPR (Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer) and Dino James who recently won KKK 13

MTV Hustle 3.0 Overview

Show name

Representing MTV Hustle 03


MTV India

Release date

October 21, 2023

Time interval

19:00 (Saturday and Sunday)


Evil Sunny

Super Manikk


To be announced (TBA)

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MTV Hustle 3.0 Time and Streaming Platform

Wicked Sunny aka Vikalp Dwivedi and Super Manikk are the hosts of this season of MTV Hustle 3.0. They have a special theme for this season showcasing different stories, sounds and voices from different parts of India. The show is on TV every Saturday and Sunday at 7 PM, exclusively on MTV India. You can watch it on Jio Cinema.

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