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This article revolves around the main points of Peter Faulding’s Wikipedia and his statement on the Nicola Bull matter.

Peter was involved in the search for Nikola primarily because of his experience in solar technology.

When he traveled to the United States in 1998 to conduct analysis using side-scan sonar and ground-penetrating radar to help identify missing persons and debris, it was his first encounter with technology.

Since then, he has led the development of technology software to search for human remains underwater and in isolated areas.

The father of six-year-old Lucas Dobson, who drowned in the River Stour in 2019, has launched a water safety campaign alongside him.

He is a broadcast writer who regularly appears on television, radio, and podcasts to discuss missing persons situations.

Apart from being a forensic expert, he also has certifications as a commercial diver, fixed-wing and helicopter pilot, and FAA pilot in the US and UK.

Let’s skip to the end of this article to know more about Peter Faulding’s Wikipedia and other details about the Nicola Bull case.

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Peter Faulding Wikipedia and Age: How old is he?

As far as Peter Faulding’s Wikipedia is concerned, his biography is available on several other websites, although he has not yet been discussed on this forum.

At the age of 5, Peter began working with his father John exploring deserted mines and caves.

By the 1990s, Peter used his youthful expertise in confined areas to train the London Fire Brigade’s specialist rescue groups and UK search and rescue groups in assisting collapsed structures and specialist rescue methods.

Peter had developed a high level of experience in tunneling and support methods.

His professional career began in 1996 when he was hired by the federal government to locate and safely extract environmental activists from man-made tunnels beneath the Newbury Bypass.

Since then, Peter and Specialist Group International, established in 1995, have successfully completed a number of major anti-conflict operations on land and sea.

In addition to training military personnel, Specialist Group International (SGI) has worked with the FBI, US Secret Service, and UK police spy consultants.

Peter spent six years in the British Army Parachute Regiment. Nicola’s disappearance is not the only high-profile case that Peter and his crew have taken on.

Statement by Peter Faulding on Nicola Bull

With two weeks left in the search for missing mother Nicola Bull, one man – rescue and forensics expert Peter Faulding – finds himself at the center of the operation.

The coroner joined the search in the second week, when Nicholas’ family presented him to Lancashire Police in connection with the investigation.

On Friday, January 27, Nicola took her dog Willow for a walk along the Wyre in St Michael, Lancashire.

Despite several underwater searches in the river near the bench where her phone was found, no sign of Nicola was found.

The expert diver insisted his team “absolutely” does not believe Nikola is in the area of ​​the river where police suspect he fell.

He was not paid for the search for 45 years. Peter’s expert team called off the search on Wednesday evening, saying they had exhausted all options.

Pandit has hit back at some people online who accused him of having a secret agenda in helping search for missing Nicholas after he walked away from the case.

The professional diver, who was not paid by his companies, claimed that some of the waste thrown at his crew was inappropriate.

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