Ryan Cooney Missing, What Happened to Ryan Cooney? Where Was Ryan Cooney Last Seen? Has Ryan Cooney Been Found?

Ryan Cooney Missing, What Happened to Ryan Cooney? Where Was Ryan Cooney Last Seen? Has Ryan Cooney Been Found?

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Ryan Cooney is missing

Concerns are growing for the safety of Irishman Ryan Cooney, 28, who went missing while on holiday in Tenerife. Kuni was last seen leaving the Paraiso del Sol apartment in Playa de las Americas on Thursday morning wearing only shorts and joggers. Originally from the Meath/Louth area of ​​Ireland, Cooney traveled to Tenerife with friends from the north-east of the country. The Irish Embassy in Madrid is actively involved in providing assistance to the Cooney family.

Cooney, described as 5 feet 11 inches tall, had not taken his prescribed medication since last Wednesday, adding to the urgency of the situation. Ireland’s Missing Persons Helpline shared an online appeal which said Cooney may have two black eyes, a sign of an attack in which he may have been robbed of money and a mobile phone. A friend who was on vacation with Kuni expressed deep concern on social media and asked for his safe return.

Reports of Cooney’s disappearance have spread widely on social media in Tenerife and Ireland. Hospitals and local police in Tenerife have been alerted to those holding Kuni’s passport. Independent Senator Sharon Keoghan appealed to anyone with friends in Tenerife or South America to share information about Cooney’s disappearance.

Cooney’s colleagues, including a businessman he worked for in Co Louth, are joining efforts to find him. The businessman said, “Ryan’s been working with us for a while, he’s a nice guy, let’s find him and bring him home.” The community is coming together to support and raise awareness in efforts to find and keep Ryan safe.

The circumstances surrounding his disappearance raise additional concerns, highlighting the importance of a swift and comprehensive search. Family, friends and the wider community await updates and continue to hope for Ryan’s safe return.

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Who is Ryan Cooney?

Ryan Cooney, a 28-year-old Irishman from the Meath/Louth area, is known for his friendly nature. Ryan, who previously worked at a local business in Co Louth, made a positive impression on those who knew him, described by a former colleague as a “lovely guy”.

Keeping up with friends, he recently went on holiday to Tenerife with his companions in the north east of Ireland. A friend’s social media post, also on the trip, expresses concern and underscores the team’s hope for Ryan’s safe return. His disappearance has caused a wide spread of information on various platforms.


What happened to Ryan Cooney?

Irishman Ryan Cooney, 28, went missing on Thursday while on holiday in Tenerife. He was last seen leaving his hotel in just shorts and joggers. The Missing Persons Helpline in Ireland said he may have had two black eyes from an attack during the robbery. Friends are sharing their concerns on social media and demanding his return.

The Irish embassy in Madrid is assisting, hospitals and Tenerife police have been alerted. Described as 5ft 11in tall, from the Meath/Louth area and off his prescribed medication since Wednesday, the community is anxiously awaiting news of Ryan’s well-being.

Where was Ryan Cooney last seen?

Ryan Cooney, 28, was last seen leaving his Paraiso del Sol apartment in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife. The Irishman, from the Meath/Louth area, left his hotel on Thursday wearing only shorts and joggers. Concerns about his safety have arisen and require an urgent referral for information.

Has Ryan Cooney been found?

At this time, there is no word on whether or not Ryan Cooney has been found. The search is ongoing and authorities are appealing to the public for any relevant information on his whereabouts.

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