Shannon Finn Obituary: A Beautiful Soul Leaves Us Too Early

Shannon Finn Obituary

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Shannon Finn was a young woman with a promising future. She was a student, servant, daughter, sister and friend. Shannon enjoyed music, animals, and traveling. People loved her for her kind heart, her cheerful personality and her infectious smile.

He positively impacted many lives with his warmth and generosity. Her sudden departure left deep sadness in the hearts of her family and friends, who will always cherish the memory of her as a beautiful soul.

Cause of death of Shannon Finn

Shannon Finn passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, May 28, 2019, at the age of 22. The cause of Shannon Finn’s death is not publicly known. Her parents also did not reveal the cause of her death.

The legacy of Shannon Finn

On August 21, 1996, Shannon Nicole Finn was born in Elgin, Illinois. Ryan and Tyler Finn were her brothers and Nicole and Michael Finn were her parents. She attended Elgin High School, where she graduated in 2014, and grew up in Elgin.

Shannon was a talented and intelligent child who did well in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. She participated in the cheerleading team, drama club, and choir. She loved to sing her favorite songs and play the piano and guitar in her free time.

Shannon loved learning and trying new things. After finishing high school, she went to Ramapo College in Mahwah, New Jersey, where she was a sophomore studying psychology. Her goal was to become a counselor or social worker to help others deal with her difficulties.

Shannon was a committed and diligent student, always striving for excellence. She was also sociable, making friends easily and participating in different clubs and activities on campus.

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Shannon’s life, although brief, touched many in her community. Her passing was a significant loss to all who knew her and she is remembered for her contributions to her community and the cherished memories of her that she left behind her.

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