Spencer Stapf Obituary: In Loving Memory of Beautiful Soul!

Spencer Stapf Obituary

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It is with great sadness that we announce that Spencer Stapf, a beloved member of the Missouri community, passed away on November 5, 2023. In this post you will get all the information related to his death and life and other updates.

How did Spencer Stapf’s death affect your family?

Spencer Stapf’s death deeply affected his friends and family. On November 9, 2023, Kaity Buchanan, his sister, shared a post on Facebook to honor him in which she said:

“I have no words. Thank you for loving my cousin and being her person, hugging our wild family, being a voice of reason for all of us, and being the most loving person who would go out of her way to do anything for anyone. I will miss a lot of vacations, baseball and hockey games, family road trips to Gulf Shores, and booing in the cousin group chat. Your loss leaves a huge hole in this world. I will never understand why the best people disappear from this world. land too soon. I love you and will miss you so much, Spencer.”

Spencer departed this life, leaving behind a loving and compassionate legacy, as well as priceless memories. She has an unwavering commitment to her family and her community. Spencer’s kind demeanor and infectious smile won over everyone who had the honor of knowing him.

His commitment left a lasting impression and many were inspired by his selflessness. He often created lasting memories and relationships by sharing his activities with his loved ones.

His comedy had an infectious quality. Spencer is survived by his loving family, including those who will always hold cherished memories close to their hearts. Next she will read about Spencer’s educational life.

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Where did Spencer Stapf get his education?

Spencer Stapf, a long-time resident of St. Louis, Missouri, graduated from Saint Louis University High School (SLUH), where he participated on the varsity basketball team, national honor society, and Latin club. From 2015 to 2019, he studied at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

Spencer Stapf worked from 2014 to 2018 as a member of the pro shop staff at Arcis Golf and as a pool manager at Ventana Lofts. He was an active member of the Beta Theta Pi – Zeta Phi chapter in Columbia, Missouri, where he served as scholarship chair, communications chair, and president. In 2018, he interned at NISA Investment Advisors, LLC in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

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