Survivor io Tier List, Best Skills And Weapons

Survivor io Tier List, Best Skills And Weapons

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Survivor io list of levels 2023 is a relatively new zombie killing game. Here, your main goal is to survive for 15 minutes without being overtaken by zombies on their way to kill you. Before entering the stage, you can choose the type of weapon you want and equip it with some protective gear. While they contribute to your overall score, the skills you choose on the field and Evos determine whether you can survive the entire 15 minutes.

That’s why we wanted to create a list of skill tires with all the skills and Evos to help you get through all the stages. If you are new to, you should know that there are two types of skills. The first is known as weapon skills. Weapon skills are low. You will be able to unlock all of them as you go through the stages of the game. The second type is supply abilities, which improve your movement speed, bullet speed, gathering radius and other abilities.

When you select a weapon skill, you must also select the supply skill required to develop the weapon skill. Each Evo has a weapon skill at the bottom of the supply skill that contributes to its evolution. If you want to reach the ultimate form of your weapon skill, you must choose this skill at least once when choosing a weapon. Being able to move as fast as these weapon skills are essential to survival in 15 minutes. Play on PC with LDPlayer 9 and control the game with WASD keys. Here we go. weapons

Void Power is currently the best weapon in Lightchaser and Kunai are the other two best weapons.

Weapons in have different classes: normal, good, better and excellent. Players can further increase the DMG output of these weapons by leveling or combining them. The best weapon tier list below breaks down all weapons into five tiers;

TREND best skills

The tier list below ranks the best Evo skills; If you don’t know what these Evo skills are, please refer to the skills guide. Tier 0 is OP (Meta/Overpowered), Tier 1 is best, Tier 2 is good, and Tier 3 is decent. Level 4 = acceptable.

  • Destroyer – Level 0

  • Divine Destroyer – Level 0

  • Hell Bomb – Level 0

  • Thunderball Power Cell/Supercell – Level 0

  • Quantum Ball – Level 0

  • Fuel Barrel – Level 1

  • Dumbbell/1 ton of iron – level 1

  • Defender – 1st level

  • Whistling Bullet – Level 1

  • Sharkmaw Weapon – Tier 2

  • Moonhalo Slash – Level 2

  • Thunder Bomb – Tier 3

  • Death Ray/Matrix – Level 3

  • Caltrops – Level 3

  • Medi-Drone – Tier 3

  • Magnetic rebounder – level 4

  • Pressure field – level 4 is the best simple skills

The tier list below defines the best basic skills; If you don’t know what these basic skills are, please see the skills guide.

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