The Real Reason Angus Young Started Wearing Schoolboy Uniforms On Stage

Heading 1: A Surprising Connection Between Hard Rock and Schoolboy Uniforms

When you think of hard rock music, images of dark clothes and leather might come to mind. However, Angus Young, the lead guitarist of AC/DC, has a different signature look – a schoolboy uniform. Let’s uncover the real reason behind this unexpected wardrobe choice.

Heading 2: A Sibling’s Influence – How It All Began in 1974

In the sunny days of April 1974, Angus Young took the stage at a concert in Sydney’s Victoria Park, sporting a schoolboy uniform. The idea wasn’t his own; credit goes to his older sister Margaret and brother Malcolm. Angus had previously tried out various eccentric costumes, but this time, the schoolboy look stuck, borrowed from Margaret’s son.

Heading 3: Nervous Beginnings – Angus Young’s Stage Fright

Angus Young, despite his energetic stage presence, battled stage fright. The debut of the schoolboy uniform in 1974 marked one of his most nerve-racking performances. Young, reminiscing about that moment, revealed to Guitar World in 2020 that he was so anxious he didn’t have time to think. The crowd’s reaction was surprising, and Young’s constant movement became a vital part of his stage persona.

Heading 4: The Schoolboy Persona – A Comfort Zone

Today, the schoolboy uniform has a calming effect on Angus Young. Despite his initial fears, putting on the uniform before a show helps him feel at ease. His pre-show routine involves a visit to the bathroom and a smoke. The uniform has become synonymous with Young’s identity on stage, helping him overcome the challenges of stardom.

Heading 5: Unexpected Attention – Advances from Admirers

It turns out that Angus Young’s schoolboy uniform hasn’t just captured the audience’s attention; it has also attracted advances from admirers. Standing at 5’2″, Young recalls instances where women found his short stature and schoolboy look endearing. He jokingly mentioned that some even tried to “mother” him because of the uniform, but he questions the idea of a schoolboy being considered sexy.

Heading 6: Evolving Through the Years – The Enduring Legacy of the Schoolboy

Angus Young remains the only living original member of AC/DC who has never taken a break from touring and has contributed to all the band’s releases. The schoolboy uniform has evolved over the years, incorporating elements like black jackets and purple velvet, but it has remained a constant. Young acknowledges the challenge of transitioning from the stage persona to his true self after each performance.

Heading 7: The Schoolboy Effect – A Source of Energy

Despite the changes in appearance, the schoolboy uniform remains an essential part of Angus Young’s performances. He acknowledges its energizing effect and the difficulty of stepping out of the character once he’s on stage. It seems that the schoolboy persona isn’t just a costume; it’s become an integral part of Angus Young’s identity as a rock legend.

In conclusion, Angus Young’s schoolboy uniform goes beyond a mere costume – it’s a symbol of his journey, influences from family, and a tool to combat stage fright. As AC/DC continues to rock the stage, the schoolboy uniform stands as a unique and enduring emblem of one of rock music’s most iconic figures.

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