The Tragic Real-Life Story Of The Pulitzer Family

The Rise and Fall of the Pulitzer Dynasty

Once hailed as the foremost media family in the United States, the Pulitzers’ story is one of triumph, tragedy, and a legacy that spans generations. From the immigrant dreams of Joseph Pulitzer to the heartbreaking struggles faced by his descendants, the Pulitzer family’s journey is a poignant tale of fame, fortune, and the harsh realities of life.

A Promising Beginning in Hungary

Joseph Pulitzer, the patriarch of the Pulitzer family, began his life in Makó, Hungary. His father, Fülöp, was a prosperous grain merchant, providing young Joseph and his brother with a life of privilege. However, tragedy struck when Fülöp passed away, leading to the family’s financial ruin. Determined to make his mark, 17-year-old Joseph set sail for the United States, leaving behind the comforts of his past.

The Tough Road to America

Arriving in the U.S. during the Civil War, Joseph Pulitzer faced hardships, sleeping on park benches and struggling to find work. His journey westward, marked by odd jobs and perseverance, eventually led him to St. Louis, where he caught a break by impressing the co-editor of a German newspaper. This marked the beginning of Pulitzer’s career in journalism.

From Soldier to Politician

Not content with being just a newspaperman, Joseph Pulitzer ventured into politics. Elected as a Republican representative at a mere 22 years old, he fought against corruption in the St. Louis County Court, even resorting to shooting a known corrupt figure. Pulitzer’s bill to abolish the court eventually passed, showcasing his determination to bring about change.

The Price of Pursuing Dreams

Despite achieving remarkable success, Joseph Pulitzer paid a steep personal price. By his forties, he was almost completely blind, battling diabetes, rheumatism, and asthma. Yet, undeterred, he purchased the struggling New York World newspaper in 1883, never returning to the newsroom but continuing to lead through coded communication.

Family Tragedies and Loss

Heartbreak and Loss of Children

Joseph Pulitzer and his wife, Katherine Davis Pulitzer, faced the heart-wrenching loss of two daughters at young ages. Katherine Ethel Pulitzer succumbed to pneumonia at the age of two, and Lucille Pulitzer passed away from typhoid fever at 17. Lucille’s death was particularly devastating to Joseph, leading him to establish scholarships and dedicate institutions in her memory.

The Unexpected Love Story of Peter Pulitzer

Joseph Pulitzer’s grandson, Herbert “Peter” Pulitzer, led a life of extravagance. Despite his reputation as a ladies’ man, Peter surprised everyone by eloping with Lillian McKim in 1952. Their eccentric life, filled with parties and a menagerie of animals, eventually gave rise to the famous fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer.

Scandal and Tabloid-Worthy Divorce

However, Peter’s life took a tumultuous turn with a scandalous divorce from Lilly. His marriage to Roxanne Dixon in 1982 became a tabloid sensation, with accusations ranging from extramarital affairs to incest. Despite the sensational courtroom drama, Peter emerged victorious, retaining custody of his twin boys.

Roxanne Pulitzer’s Tell-All Redemption

Roxanne, Peter’s ex-wife, faced financial struggles post-divorce. Turning to unconventional means, she posed for Playboy and authored a tell-all book, “The Prize Pulitzer,” revealing intimate details of her life with Peter. Despite criticism, her book became a bestseller, providing her with a measure of financial stability.

Unlikely Lifesaver: Roxanne Rescues Peter from Bankruptcy

In a surprising twist, Roxanne, now married to her fifth husband, came to Peter’s rescue when financial woes hit Pulitzer Groves. Their twin sons sought help from Roxanne’s husband, securing a mortgage guarantee and financial support, showcasing the complex dynamics of the Pulitzer family.

Internal Strife and External Battles

Family Feuds and Courtroom Drama

In 1986, the Pulitzer family faced internal strife over the control of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The dispute escalated to a courtroom battle, with some family members advocating for a sale to maximize wealth. Eventually, a settlement was reached, allowing the family to retain control until 2005 when Pulitzer, Inc. was sold to Lee Enterprises.

Caught in Another Family’s Feud

In 1997, the Pulitzers found themselves entangled in another media family’s feud. The acquisition of Scripps League Newspapers led to accusations of betrayal, with Barry Scripps suing his own mother, Betty, for allegedly taking advantage of his father’s poor health to sell the family company.

Legacy and Endings

The Passing of Jay Pulitzer

The great-grandchild of Joseph Pulitzer, Joseph Pulitzer IV, known as “Jay,” passed away at 65 in 2015. Despite a lifelong dedication to the family newspaper business, he was sidelined by family dynamics. After his father’s death, control shifted away from Jay, and in 2005, the Pulitzer family bid farewell to their media legacy.

A Tale of Triumphs and Tribulations

The Pulitzer family’s journey is a saga of triumphs and tribulations, from the immigrant dreams of Joseph to the courtroom dramas and personal tragedies faced by his descendants. The rise and fall of the Pulitzer dynasty serve as a poignant reminder that even the most illustrious families are not immune to the challenges that life brings.

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