The Truth About Henry Hill’s Death

Introduction: A Gangster’s Surprising Exit

Organized crime has a knack for dramatic exits, often involving bullets and mayhem. However, the demise of Henry Hill, the inspiration for ‘Wiseguy’ and the character in ‘Goodfellas,’ took an unexpected turn. Let’s unravel the truth behind Henry Hill’s death, revealing a story that defies the stereotypical gangster ending.

Early Years: The Making of a Hoodlum

Henry Hill’s journey into the world of crime began at just 12 years old. Despite not being fully Italian, with an Irish father and a Sicilian mother, Hill delved into the mob world ruled by the Luchese crime family. His involvement in gambling and the drug trade set the stage for a life of crime.

Military Stint and Return to the Game

After a brief stint in the Army, Hill resumed his criminal activities, maintaining ties with the mob. A ten-year prison sentence for extortion interrupted his endeavors, but Hill’s resilience brought him back into the game after just four years. Expanding his drug business with prison contacts, Hill faced legal troubles in 1980 for narcotics trafficking and suspicion in the infamous Lufthansa Airlines theft.

The Turning Point: From Mobster to Informant

With mounting problems and fearing for his life on the mob’s hit list, Hill made a pivotal decision – he became an informant. Providing information that led to 50 convictions, Hill, along with his family, entered the Witness Protection Program. Despite this wise move, personal struggles plagued him, leading to a cascade of arrests and challenges that pushed him out of the protection program.

Post-Witness Protection Life: A Rollercoaster of Events

Some claim that Hill attempted to turn his life around in later years, engaging in activities like selling spaghetti sauce online and making appearances on the Howard Stern Show. Pursuing a career as a drug and alcohol counselor, Hill even explored his artistic side through painting. However, his life remained tumultuous, marked by his wife leaving him in 1990 and multiple arrests in the early ’90s.

The Unanticipated End: Not by Bullets, But by Complications

Contrary to the expected fate of a mob informant, Henry Hill’s demise on June 12, 2012, in Los Angeles, wasn’t the result of a mob bullet. Instead, it traced back to heart complications linked to smoking, as reported by the LA Times in his obituary. At the age of 69, Hill’s story concluded in a way that defied the conventions of organized crime narratives.

Conclusion: The Unconventional Finale of a Notorious Figure

In the world of gangsters, where bullets often have the final say, Henry Hill’s life and death stand out as an unconventional narrative. His journey, marked by crime, informant work, and post-Witness Protection struggles, teaches us that sometimes, reality can be stranger than fiction. Henry Hill’s story serves as a reminder that even in the realm of organized crime, the ending isn’t always written in bullets and blood.

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