The Truth About Jack White And The Black Keys’ Feud

Heading 1: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Rivalry Begins

Jack White and The Black Keys found themselves in a bit of a musical skirmish that lasted for quite a while. Their tiff included misunderstandings, apologies, and some heated moments. Even though both bands had their differences, it’s not as simple as black and white.

Heading 2: The Striking Similarities That Started It All

The root of the problem? Striking similarities between the two bands. Despite White founding The White Stripes in ’97, and Auerbach and Carney creating The Black Keys in 2001, their paths converged in Nashville. White set up his record label, Third Man Records, in 2009, the same year Auerbach and Carney established a studio downtown. Oddly enough, all three have Midwestern ties – White from Detroit, and Auerbach and Carney starting their band in Ohio.

Heading 3: When Jack White Dissed The Black Keys in Court

Things got even messier during Jack White’s 2013 custody battle. Court documents spilled the beans on White’s dislike for The Black Keys, claiming Auerbach “ripped off” his music. White even pushed to change his kids’ school because they attended the same one as Auerbach’s. In emails submitted to court, White expressed concern about “that a**hole” Auerbach and didn’t want his kids involved in the drama.

Heading 4: White’s Public Attempt to Patch Things Up

In 2014, a year after those revealing emails, Jack White decided to clear the air publicly. He felt compelled to address the situation due to legal pressures. In an open letter, White wished The Black Keys success, acknowledging the challenges of being a two-piece band. Despite their rocky past, he wanted the best for them, hoping their records would top the charts for months to come.

Heading 5: A Chance Encounter Reignites the Feud

Fast forward to September 2015, and the feud flared up again. This time, it was a chance meeting between White and The Black Keys’ drummer, Patrick Carney, in a New York City bar. According to Carney’s now-deleted tweets, White tried to fight him, leaving Carney both confused and upset. Carney, in his tweets, labeled White a “40-year-old bully” and shared his feelings about music being a non-competitive, private thing.

Heading 6: White’s Response and an Unexpected Reconciliation

Jack White swiftly responded to Carney’s tweets, denying any physical altercation and urging Carney to speak face to face. Surprisingly, after this heated exchange, the two musicians managed to reconcile. White clarified there was no fight, and Carney confirmed that things were cool between them. White even extended his respect to Carney, marking the end of their public feud.

Heading 7: Peace in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Realm

Since their reconciliation in 2015, there haven’t been any public disputes between Jack White and The Black Keys. It seems both parties have chosen to focus on what really matters – the music. As of 2021, the drama appears to be in the rearview mirror, and fans hope these talented musicians continue to rock out without any more backstage drama.

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