Tragic Details Found In Edward ‘Umaga’ Fatu’s Autopsy Report

The Anoa’i Wrestling Legacy

Edward Fatu, known as Umaga in the wrestling world, belonged to the renowned Anoa’i family, a wrestling dynasty including legendary figures like the Wild Samoans and The Rock. Umaga, initially part of the 3-Minute Warning tag team, later soared as a singles competitor. His wrestling journey took a tragic turn when, at the age of 36, he passed away on December 4, 2009.

Unraveling the Autopsy Report

More than four months post Umaga’s demise, the autopsy report has emerged, shedding light on distressing details about his health. The report discloses that Umaga succumbed to acute toxicity, a result of a combination of hydrocodone, carisoprodol, and diazepam. Regrettably, this was deemed an accidental death.

Weighty Matters and Cardiac Struggles

At the time of his passing, Umaga weighed 406 pounds, notably exceeding his billed weight of 348 pounds during his WWE days. The autopsy further revealed a history of cardiac disease and substance abuse. Umaga battled hypertensive cardiovascular disease, evident in his enlarged heart, weighing a staggering 700 grams – more than twice the average adult male heart.

Substance Struggles

While the autopsy touched upon substance abuse, it emphasized that Umaga’s demise wasn’t a result of prolonged drug abuse. Instead, it suggested a tragic outcome from the combination of painkillers, muscle relaxants, and anxiety medication over a brief period.

Wellness Policy and Second Chances

Umaga’s struggles with substance use were well-documented, leading to two violations of WWE’s Wellness Policy. His association with Signature Pharmacy, a hub for steroids and prescription drugs, triggered his first violation, resulting in a 30-day suspension. A second violation, coupled with his refusal of WWE’s rehab offer, led to his unexpected release from the company.

Friends Remember Umaga

In the aftermath of Umaga’s passing, friends and colleagues acknowledged his battles with drugs but chose to remember him beyond the ring. Dawn Marie Psaltis, a former ECW and WWE wrestler, reflected on Umaga’s demons, emphasizing his strength drawn from family. “He comes from a long line of professional wrestlers and did his family proud,” she shared with CNN.

A Wrestling Legacy Remembered

Umaga’s story, while marked by struggles, also echoes the resilience and strength he found within his family. The wrestling community fondly remembers him for his contributions, both in and out of the ring, showcasing the complexities of a man whose legacy continues to live on.

In rewriting this article, care has been taken to simplify the language for easy comprehension, maintaining the essence of the tragic events surrounding Umaga’s untimely demise.

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