What Happened to Poppy and Ben on Lego Masters? Truth Revealed!

Poppy and Ben

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Lego Masters is a fan-favorite series and is currently in season 4. Judges Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett, along with host Will Arnett, returned from previous seasons. In this post you will get all the information related to your season.

What happened to Poppy and Ben?

As the competitors entered the building room at 9:05 pm, host Will Arnett said that Poppy and Ben would not be able to continue in the competition due to their health.

Competitors and the public alike were taken aback by this statement which implied that Poppy and Ben would no longer compete. The specific nature of the health problems that caused Poppy and Ben to leave the show were not made public.

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However, their departure changed the nature of the competition as the other teams had to continue without them and adapt to the new difficulties and barriers that would arise in their absence.

Because the surviving competitors had to respond to this sudden change, the unexpected turn of events created an additional element of uncertainty for the competition. Next you will read about Poppy and Ben.

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Who is Poppy in Lego Masters?

Poppy is Ben Edlavitch’s grandfather whose full name is David Levine. He and Ben joined forces to participate in the “Lego Masters” competition, a television show in which contestants build incredible structures with Lego bricks.

Poppy taught high school shop classes before retiring, so she has experience instructing students in using tools and making things. Together, Poppy and Ben created imaginative Lego masterpieces on the show, making history as the first grandfather and grandson team to compete in “Lego Masters.”

They overcame a variety of obstacles by applying their skills and inventiveness, such as building a toy boat and making a pet palace for kittens. Ben received a lot of help from Poppy with his Lego projects.

They had a lot of fun and found a lot of new things during their time on the show, like building a model of the Virginia Executive Mansion in time for the holidays.

poppy and ben

Who is Ben in Lego Masters?

Ben’s full name is Ben Edlavitch and he is a third-year architecture student at the University of Virginia. Ben has a unique ability to make things with Lego blocks and he likes doing it. He had the incredible opportunity to participate in the “Lego Masters” contest, a television show in which contestants build incredible Lego structures.

Ben and his grandfather Poppy (David Levine) collaborated on the show to tackle a variety of Lego building tasks. They made history by being the first father-son team to compete in “Lego Masters.” Ben’s inventive ideas and aptitude as an architecture student came in handy during the tournament.

They worked with Poppy to overcome obstacles like building a toy boat and a kitten’s pet palace using their skills. Ben’s time on “Lego Masters” was an incredible journey that provided him with new opportunities. He gave her the opportunity to demonstrate his inventiveness and his love for Legos.

For the holidays, he even had the opportunity to work on a unique project where he had to make a model of the Virginia Executive Mansion. Ben’s journey on the show demonstrated how people of all ages can experience joy and success while using Lego bricks to build amazing things.

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