What Happened to Toucher and Rich? Why Did Rich Leave Toucher and Rich?

What Happened to Toucher and Rich? Why Did Rich Leave Toucher and Rich?

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What happened to Toucher and Rich?

Toucher and Rich, the popular morning radio show hosts, have officially split. The announcement came from Fred Toucher, who explained on air that his host Rich Schertenlieb had left the program. The split appears to be one of tension and disagreement, with Toucher noting that certain comments made by Rich have strained the relationship. Despite the station’s offer of a new contract with improved terms, Rich decided not to accept it. After 17 years together, the show is now set to find a new co-host next year.

The split was revealed during a broadcast where Toucher discussed the issues that led to the split. Despite being the top-rated morning show in Boston, recent conflicts and contract issues led to the departure of Rich Schertenlieb. Toucher expressed optimism about the future of the show and talked about plans to search for a new host. Apparently, the two had difficulties both on and off-air, resulting in the end of their long-time partnership.

Rich Schertenlieb shared a statement on social media thanking listeners and saying it was not his intention to leave like this. He hinted at revealing his future plans soon. The station recognized Rich’s contributions and offered him a contract extension with more favorable terms, but he declined. The split left fans shocked, wondering about the future trajectory of both hosts and the beloved radio show.

Why did Rich leave Touch and Rich?

Rich Schertenlieb left “Toucher and Rich” after tensions and disagreements with his co-host, Fred Toucher, escalated. Among the obvious reasons for their disagreement are Rich’s comments on and off the air that Fred didn’t like. This strained their relationship, and despite working together for 17 years, problems reached the point where it was impossible to continue the partnership.

In addition, Toucher talked about the contract extension he signed last month that didn’t include Rich, which seemed to exacerbate their ongoing problems. While Toucher expressed excitement about the show’s future and plans to find a new co-host, Rich Schertenlieb’s departure marks the end of an era for one of Boston’s most popular morning radio programs.

The breakup was officially announced during the broadcast, where Toucher revealed the difficulties that arose between him and his former colleague. Rich’s decision to leave was announced by Fred and the station tried to keep him by offering him a contract extension with improved terms, which he chose not to accept.

In response to the announcement, Rich Schertenlieb released a statement on social media thanking listeners for their support and explaining that leaving the program and the station was not his original plan. He assured his followers that he will announce his future plans soon. Rich’s departure adds a layer of uncertainty to the future of the show, leaving fans wondering about the individual paths of both hosts after a long partnership.

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