What is the right age to join gym? If you go to the gym at a young age, you are at risk

There is a lot of craze for looks and fitness among the youth right now. Gone are the days when school children used to copy the living conditions of their mothers and fathers. Now kids are obsessed with celebrity looks and fitness. In this craze, many times they start going to the gym before their age. which negatively affects their health. Know what is the right age to join the gym.

What is the right age to join gym?

Start going to the gym at the age of 14-15. Because then the flexibility of the body goes away and after this age one should start going to the gym.

How long is childhood?

The development of our body starts from birth. Two to four months old baby starts kicking his hand, that’s when his exercise starts. Further, as the child’s body develops, its flexibility and strength increase.

Walking, running and playing will start strengthening his bones. A 5 to 8-year-old child is not age appropriate for going to the gym, so he should be removed from sedentary play and sent to play on the playground. Due to this, its exercise will be done automatically.

Don’t be too hasty

At the age of 13-14, bones and organs become stronger, but this is not the right age to start going to the gym. Exercising at home and cycling, swimming or playing sports outside strengthens their body and bones.

  • At the age of 14-15 years, the body loses elasticity and it is at this age that one should start going to the gym.
  • Do only simple exercises at first.
  • Exercise under expert supervision at the gym and make a diet chart.
  • Do not do any exercise for too long.
  • Do not use any over the counter protein products for early body building.
  • Remember that your body is not tired when you start going to the gym. Do not exercise for more than half an hour. Then gradually start increasing this time.
  • Eliminate fried foods from your diet. Use juice instead of cold drinks.
  • Don’t let the gym affect the rest of your work, do it all in a routine.
  • Make a schedule for eating, studying, resting, sleeping, waking up.

Remember this before girls hit the gym

Health care of young girls is more important. These days early puberty is seen in all girls. So menstruation starts early.

In such a situation, take care of their physical problems as well. Due to lack of proper diet, body weight may increase. Take care of it. Cycling, swimming and aerobics are the best exercises for girls of this age.

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