Where is Boxxy Now? What Happened to Boxxy? What is Boxxy Doing Now?

Where is Boxxy Now? What Happened to Boxxy? What is Boxxy Doing Now?

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Where is boxxy now?

Boxxy, also known as Catherine Wayne, has been out of the public eye in recent years. His last YouTube video as Boxxy was posted in 2014, marking a significant hiatus from his online presence. Although he made a brief comeback in 2011 with a new YouTube channel called ANewHope, his video uploads to the channel became less frequent in 2014.

Although Kathryn Wayne maintains Instagram and Twitter accounts, both have been inactive for several months. Her social media profiles describe her as a “woman with a voice” and acknowledge her past as “being a YouTuber”. He also shares his love for animation and being an “animal man”. These descriptions suggest that he may have moved on from his YouTube career and focused on other aspects of his life.

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Who is Boxxy?

Boxxy is an American internet personality and vlogger who rose to YouTube fame in 2008. She was known for her lively and humorous character Boxxy, which she portrayed in her energetic vlogs. Catherine was born in California in 1992 and divides her time between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

During his rise to fame, he managed to amass a loyal fan base of 371,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. In addition to her YouTube career, she also worked as a voice actress providing the voice for the character Marsha in Disney XD’s Billy Dilley’s Super-Duper Subterranean Summer. He also hosted the streaming series Animalist for Discovery Digital Networks between 2013 and 2014.




Catherine Wayne

Online nickname



1992 California, USA

YouTube debut


YouTube Career

– He gained fame through his YouTube channel

– Known for portraying Boxxy, a bubbly character

Career change

– I decided to leave YouTube to continue acting and writing

– New channel “ANewHopeee” has been created.


What happened to Boxhy?

Boxxy decided to leave his YouTube career and he posted his last video on his original channel about nine years ago and said goodbye to his followers. He later launched a new channel called ‘ANewHopeee’ and hinted at the reason behind his decision to leave his social media career. After Kathryn ended her stint with Discovery Digital Networks, she initially said she planned to return full-time to her second YouTube channel.

However, he changed his mind when he realized that it would require a significant financial investment to upgrade his equipment, including a new camera, microphone and better lighting. Ultimately, he decided to focus on his passion for acting and writing, choosing an acting career rather than continuing on YouTube.

What is Boxxy doing now?

Boxxy’s current performance is not well documented in open source. However, based on available information, it appears that Boxxy is primarily focused on pursuing an acting and writing career. His decision to quit YouTube and his past statements have shown his passion for these creative pursuits.

While the specifics of his current activities and activities remain unclear, it is clear that he has chosen to explore his interests outside of his previous online presence. Fans and followers of Boxxy can look forward to future updates to know more about what he is up to now.

What is Boxxy’s real name?

Boxhy’s real name is Katherine Wayne. Although she goes by the name Boxxy during her online career, her real identity is Catherine. The transition from her online persona to her real name represents her transition away from the internet and into other aspects of her life.

Boxxy career

Catherine Wayne, better known as Boxxy, has enjoyed a successful career as an internet personality and vlogger. His journey to fame started from his YouTube channel where he brought to life the exuberant character of Boxhy. His unique style, his cheerful personality and unique presentation resonated with the audience and garnered a significant fan following on his channel.

In addition to her YouTube stardom, Kathryn explored voice acting and lent her voice to the character Marsha in Disney XD’s Billy Dilley’s Super-Duper Subterranean Summer. He also served as host on the streaming series Animalist under Discovery Digital Networks from 2013 to 2014.

Despite her success on YouTube, Catherine decided to give up her online career. Her choice was driven by her passion for acting and writing, which encouraged her to pursue a career in the world of acting. This marked a significant change in his professional journey as he ventured into new creative pursuits outside of YouTube.

Boxxy previous life

Boxxy’s early life is relatively limited in publicly available sources. He was born in California in 1992, which gives a glimpse into his background. His journey to fame began in 2008 when he burst onto the YouTube scene with his animated online persona Boxxy. Through her energetic vlogs and unique style, she quickly gained the attention of viewers and developed a dedicated fan base. This marked the beginning of his journey from ordinary life to internet stardom.

However, specific details about his early life, family or education have not been revealed to the public. Boxxy’s rise to fame has been rapid, and her internet persona has become the focus of her online presence, leaving many aspects of her personal life shrouded in mystery. Despite the limited information about his earlier years, his impact on the online community and his journey from California to YouTube fame are undeniable aspects of his unique story.

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