Where is Brooke Katz Now? What Happened to Brooke Katz on Channel 11 News?

Where is Brooke Katz Now? What Happened to Brooke Katz on Channel 11 News?

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Where is Brooke Katz now?

Brooke Katz’s whereabouts or professional activities have not been made public at this time. In November 2023, he left his role as a popular news anchor at the local CBS News station in Dallas. The station, along with Brooke and her partner, maintained a degree of discretion over the circumstances surrounding her departure. According to the latest information available, Brooke Katz’s whereabouts and what she is currently up to remain unknown.

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What Happened to Brooke Katz on Channel 11 News?

In November 2023, Channel 11 News viewers in Dallas noticed the absence of beloved news anchor Brooke Katz. While the reasons for her departure remain unknown, both the station and Brooke, along with her co-star, have decided not to comment. There is speculation among fans that she may take time off in 2020 to deal with the tragic death of her mother.

The situation disappointed viewers who were used to Brooke’s presence, especially since she moved to the morning news program in 2022. Despite the uncertainty, his former co-owner Keith Russell is equally willing. Brooke Katz’s departure from Channel 11 News remains shrouded in mystery as fans take to social media to yearn for her return, leaving followers waiting for updates on her future endeavors in the news industry.


Who is Brooke Katz?

Brooke Katz is a highly experienced American journalist who has worked as a news anchor and reporter for CBS 11 in Dallas, Texas. With a career spanning more than 15 years, she has demonstrated her versatility in the field of journalism, holding various roles such as anchor, multimedia journalist, reporter, traffic reporter and producer. Known for her impressive work, Brooke has built a significant following on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Her commitment to the news industry is evident as she is actively involved in reporting news in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, demonstrating her commitment to delivering informative and engaging content to her audience.

Full name

Brooke Katz


News presenter, reporter


CBS 11, Dallas, Texas


Anchor, multimedia journalist, reporter, traffic reporter, producer


Dallas, Texas

Age of Brooke Katz

Brooke Katz, born on January 17, 1982, is now 41 years old and has more than forty years of her life. This insight into his birthday not only adds a chronological dimension to his biography, but also allows those interested to connect with his personal timeline. It provides context for understanding his experience, accomplishments, and professional growth over the years. As a seasoned news anchor and reporter, her age adds to the depth of her contributions to the field, emphasizing her wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of journalism.

Brooke Katz Leaving CBS 11?

Yes, Brooke Katz has left the local CBS News station in Dallas, where she was a popular news anchor. Details surrounding her departure have not been released, with neither the station nor Brooke, along with her co-star, choosing to offer no explanation for her absence. The circumstances of her departure from CBS 11 remain a mystery, leaving viewers wondering why she left.

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