Where is Juwan Howard Now? Was Juwan Howard Suspended?

Where is Juwan Howard Now? Was Juwan Howard Suspended?

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Where is Juwan Howard now?

University of Michigan men’s basketball coach Juwan Howard is currently recovering from heart surgery in September. The surgery kept him out of coaching, and there is currently no set timetable for his return to the bench. Assistant coach Sadie Washington spoke at Big Ten media day and noted that Howard is eager to return, but will take the necessary time to rehab and get healthy.

Meanwhile, Phil Martelli is serving as the interim head coach for the Michigan Wolverines. It will not be Martelli’s first appearance for Howard, as he replaced him for the final five games of the 2021-22 season due to suspension.

Howard, who is entering his fifth season as coach at his alma mater, has led the Wolverines to significant success in the previous two seasons, including an Elite Eight appearance and Sweet 16 appearance. However, the team had a difficult 2022-23 season, finishing 18-16 and missing the NCAA Tournament. As Howard focuses on his recovery, the team is under Martelli and the timing of Howard’s return remains unclear.

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Is Juwan Howard suspended?

Yes, University of Michigan men’s basketball coach Juwan Howard has been fired following an incident during a game against the Wisconsin Badgers. After the 77-63 loss, Howard and Wisconsin coach Greg Gard got into an argument during a handshake, which led to Howard hitting Wisconsin assistant Joe Krabbenhoft. Howard took issue with Gard calling a timeout with 15 seconds left in the game, saying he thought it was unnecessary.

As a result, Michigan suspended Howard for the rest of the season and fined him $40,000. The Big Ten Conference supported the decision. During Howard’s suspension, Phil Martelli took over as head coach, while Chris Hunter took over as the third assistant on an interim basis. Additionally, the Big Ten fined Wisconsin coach Greg Gard $10,000 for his role in the scandal.


Who is Juwan Howard?

Juwan Antonio Howard is a former professional basketball player and current head coach of the Michigan Wolverines men’s team. Standing at 6 feet 9 inches, Howard had an impressive NBA playing career that began as the fifth overall pick in the 1994 Washington Bullets draft.

Before his NBA days, Howard shined as an All-America center at Chicago’s Career Academy and later with the Michigan Wolverines, part of the famed Fab Five recruiting class of 1991. Despite the fact that some of Michigan’s accomplishments were vacated due to violations of NCAA rules by other individuals. players, Howard’s personal record was not broken.

As a player, Howard earned accolades such as being a one-time NBA All-Star, winning two NBA championships with the Miami Heat in 2012 and 2013, and becoming the first NBA player to sign a $100 million contract. After retiring as a player in 2013, Howard moved into coaching, spending six seasons as an assistant coach with the Miami Heat before taking over at Michigan in 2019.

During the 2020-21 season, Howard received widespread recognition as a coach, earning accolades such as AP National Coach of the Year and Top Ten Coach of the Year. Notably, he made an impact on and off the court, becoming the first coach to earn a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament as both a player and a coach.

Full name

Juan Antonio Howard

Date of birth

February 7, 1973

place of birth

Chicago, Illinois, United States of America




6 feet 9 inches (206 cm)


Power forward / center

NBA debut

October 31, 1994 (Washington Bullets)

NBA teams

Washington Bullets/Wizards, Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets, Charlotte Bobcats, Portland Trail Blazers, Miami Heat

NBA Championship

2 (Miami Heat – 2012, 2013)

NBA All-Star

1 time (1996)

NBA coaching debut

2013 (Miami Heat – assistant coach)

Coaching Achievements

Head Coach, University of Michigan (2019–present)

The Early Life of Juwan Howard

Juwan Howard’s early life was shaped by the love and care of his grandmother, Jeannie Mae Howard. Born to Helena, a young restaurant worker, and Leroy Watson, an Army veteran, Juvan had an unconventional start. 17-year-old Helena decided not to raise him, and his grandmother Jeannie Mae adopted him in the first week of his life. Growing up in poor neighborhoods on the South Side of Chicago, Howard’s grandmother was instrumental in keeping him away from trouble and gangs.

Growing up without siblings, Howard was not close to his biological parents, and his grandmother became a major influence in his life. Despite the difficulties, his grandmother’s love and discipline guided him in his youth, forming a strong bond between them. Juwan Howard’s upbringing reflects the importance of family support and its positive impact on a person’s life.

Juwan Howard career

Born in Chicago, Juwan Howard had a unique start to life. Her mother, Helena, was in high school when she raised her, and when she was unable to raise her, she entrusted her care to her grandmother, Jeannie Mae Howard. Growing up in the poor neighborhoods of Chicago, Howard’s grandmother was instrumental in keeping him away from trouble and gangs.

Howard’s basketball journey began in college where he played for the University of Michigan Wolverines. Despite facing controversy in Howard’s sophomore season, his consistent performance earned praise from his coach. In the 1993 NCAA tournament, Howard showed his skills and contributed to the team’s success until they fell short in the championship game.

After moving to the NBA, Howard played for the Washington Bullets/Wizards and was recognized as a rookie. His illustrious career also included significant free agency controversy. Over the years, he played for various teams, including the Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets, and Miami Heat. In 2019, Howard broke new ground as a coach, becoming the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball team.

As a coach, Howard has had success leading Michigan into the Big Ten in 2021. His coaching accomplishments made history as he became the first person to enter the NCAA Tournament as the No. 1 ranked player and coach. Throughout his journey, Juwan Howard’s life and career reflect resilience, determination and a deep connection to basketball.

Juwan Howard age

As of 2023, Juwan Howard is 50 years old. Born on February 7, 1973 in Chicago, Illinois, Howard reached the half-century mark. The former NBA player and current head coach of the Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball team has had a stellar career both on and off the court.

Howard’s journey from his early life in Chicago to becoming a standout player in college and the NBA reflects his passion and dedication to the sport. Now, he continues to make a significant impact as a coach, demonstrating his expertise and leadership in the world of basketball.

Juwan Howard net worth

Former NBA player and current head coach of the Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball team Juwan Howard has a net worth of $80 million. His popularity increased as the first NBA player to sign a $100 million contract with the Washington Bullets.

In addition to his coaching success, Howard is best known for his pivotal role in the famed Michigan Fab Five. This large net worth reflects his lasting impact on the basketball court as a player and coach, and highlights his significant contributions to the sport throughout his illustrious career.

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