Who are Chandra Mohan Daughters? Who is Chandra Mohan Wife?

Who are Chandra Mohan Daughters? Who is Chandra Mohan Wife?

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Who was Chandra Mohan?

Chandra Mohan, whose real name was Mallampalli Chandrasekhara Rao, was an Indian actor, mostly known for his roles in Telugu films. He was born on May 23, 1945 in Pamidimukkala, Madras Province, British India. Chandra Mohan dedicated his career to acting, which began in 1966 and continued until his death on November 11, 2023, at the age of 80, in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

During his acting career, Chandra Mohan received recognition for his talent and contribution to the film industry. He has won one Filmfare Award South and two Nandi Awards, demonstrating his excellence in the industry. His work spanned several decades and made him a well-known figure in Telugu cinema. Chandra Mohan’s legacy lives on through his extensive filmography and impact on the entertainment industry in India.

Full name

Mallampalli Chandrasekhara Rao

Date of birth


Place of birth

Pamidimukkala, Madras Province, British India

Date of transition

November 11, 2023


Hyderabad, Telangana, India



Active years

1966–2023 years

The first movie

Rangula Ratnam (1966)

Popular awards

South Filmfare Award, Nandi Awards


Mainly in Telugu films, versatile roles


A respected figure in Telugu cinema

Who are the Chandra Mohan daughters?

Veteran Telugu actor Chandra Mohan and his wife Jalandhara had two daughters. Their first daughter Madhura Meenakshi has settled in America and works as a psychologist. She brings her expertise to the field of mental health. The second daughter, Madhavi, continued her career in the medical field and works as a doctor in Chennai, contributing to the health sector. The family of Chandra Mohan and Jalandhara is indicative of various achievements in their household.

Known for their support and encouragement, the couple have been instrumental in each other’s professional journeys. Jalandhara, a well-known writer who has won many awards for her stories and novels, earned her bachelor’s degree in economics during this period of rare success. Chandra Mohan, who has been entertaining Telugu audiences for over 50 years, credited his relative, legendary filmmaker K Vishwanath, with his support during his early acting career. This familial bond emphasizes a cooperative and supportive family environment, creating an environment in which Chandra Mohan and Jalandhara daughters can excel in their chosen fields.


Who is Chandra Mohan’s wife?

Chandra Mohan’s wife Jalandhara. He is a renowned writer who has won many awards for his stories and novels. Jalandhara achieved a rare achievement in his time, such as obtaining a bachelor’s degree in economics. Together, Chandra Mohan and Jalandhara have forged a supportive and stimulating partnership, with both spouses playing a pivotal role in each other’s professional journeys.

Their partnership extended to supporting their two daughters, Madhura Meenakshi and Madhavi, who pursued successful careers in psychology and medicine, respectively. The family’s closeness and supportive dynamic has been evident in the collective achievements of its members, making Chandra Mohan and Jalandhara a well-known couple in the entertainment and literary fields.

Chandra Mohan career

Chandra Mohan started his journey in the Telugu film industry in 1966 with the film Rangula Ratnam. He quickly gained recognition for his acting skills and landed the lead role in the 1968 film Sukha Duhkalu, where he played the role of the actress’ caring brother. Vanisri. This role won him awards and marked the beginning of a successful career.

During his career, Chandra Mohan received critical acclaim for his performances in several blockbusters. These include ‘Rangula Ratnam’ (1966), which won the State Nandi Award for Best Actor, ‘Padaharella Vayasu’ (1978), which won the Filmfare Best Actor Award in Telugu, and ‘Siri Siri Muvva ” (1978). He also entered Tamil cinema with his first Tamil film Naalai Namadhe (1975).

Chandra Mohan has shown his versatility as an actor by playing lead roles in various films. Some of these films are Seethamalakshmi (1978), Ram Robert Rahim (1980), Radha Kalyanam (1981), Rendu Rellu Aaru (1986) and Chandamama Raave (1987). His contribution to the film industry and his performances in various roles have established him as a respected figure in Telugu cinema.

Chandra Mohan Net Worth

According to available information, Chandramohan’s net worth is Rs 300 crore. Chandramohan is recognized as one of the greatest achievers during his career in the film industry.

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