Who is Alex Bennett? Who is Alex Bennett’s Husband?

Who is Alex Bennett? Who is Alex Bennett

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Who is Alex Bennett?

Oklahoma native Alex Bennett rose to prominence in 2021 with the Mean Girl podcast he co-hosted with Jordyn Woodruff, which caught the attention of Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy. Despite initial success, the podcast parted ways with Barstool in September 2023 due to controversy.

Barstool’s previous firing, which was unharmed by the hosts, led to a satirical video that sparked backlash. The drama escalated when co-creator Kevin Clancy revealed that he had been ghosted by Alex and Jordyn, sparking arguments with Portnoy about their contracts.

Alex’s popularity grew after Barstool and boasted a significant online presence with 202,000 Instagram followers, 256,000 TikTok followers and a YouTube channel with 700 subscribers. Married to Graham Bennett, son of billionaire Clayton Bennett, she managed the drama with determination.

After the split, the Mean Girl podcast found a new home with entertainment platform Just Media, founded by Alex, who served as CEO, while Jordyn became COO. Despite the tumultuous departure, both thanked Barstool Sports in separate tweets. Alex Bennett remains a well-known figure not only for his podcasting success, but also for his influence in the digital realm.

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Who is Alex Bennett’s husband?

Alex Bennett’s husband, Graham Bennett, is the son of billionaire Clayton Bennett, best known for owning the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team. The couple married in April 2019, and Harvard Extension School graduate Graham has been instrumental in Alex’s journey, even appearing on episodes of the Mean Girl podcast. However, rumors of their relationship recently surfaced when Alex revealed that they were “going through it”.

Graham, who is active on the REFORM Alliance and various advisory boards, has been largely absent from Alex’s recent social media posts. Fans are scrutinizing their situation amid rumors of canceled credit cards.


Alex Bennett’s Divorce

In episode 89 of the Mean Girl podcast, Alex Bennett opened up about her recent split from husband Graham Bennett. The revelation came out in front of a live audience, revealing that their marriage ended suddenly five months ago.

When Graham expressed his desire to return to Oklahoma, the couple’s initial agreement on a future together changed, cutting off Alex’s New York jobs. Despite their attempts at reconciliation, their hearts took them in different directions, eventually cementing their decision to part amicably. Alex described a mixture of surprise and relief at Graham’s confirmation of the split, insisting the split was free of animosity or heated arguments.

Their journey from January to June was filled with difficult conversations that led them to acknowledge the inevitable geographical divide. Despite being blind at times, Alex shared Graham’s words and expressed deep love by letting go of each other. Financially, the divorce did not exist before the marriage, and Alex sought a fair share of the joint account funds.

Despite the legal complications, she emphasized their continued positive terms, insisting that the divorce process does not diminish the value of their shared experiences. Through emotional stories on the podcast, Alex navigated the complexities of divorce with openness, acknowledging issues and maintaining a sense of closure and growth.

Age of Alex Bennett

As of 2023, Alex Bennett, Oklahoma native and host of the Mean Girl podcast, celebrated her 30th birthday. The 30-year-old influencer rose to fame with the Mean Girl podcast she co-hosted with Jordyn Woodruff. Notably, Alex left Barstool Sports in September 2023 amid layoffs and conflict with his colleagues. Despite personal challenges, the Mean Girl podcast continues to thrive and is currently affiliated with Just Media, demonstrating Alex’s resilience and ability to adapt to the dynamic world of online media.

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