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Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav is accused of supplying snake venom at Rave parties in Haryana. Who is the elven Yadav? Controversy, Wiki, biography, family, girlfriend and photos

From abusing videos and stealing plants to supplying snake venom at rave parties, Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 winner Elvish Yadav will be seen in JioCinema’s ‘Temptation Island India’. However, the new controversy simply shocks him, he reacted to the accusation and called it totally false.

#ElvenYadav reaction False accusations about him by the news portal!! STOP DIFAMING ELVISH is a trend for #ElvenArmy Comment your opinion about it?? pic.twitter.com/SL9pKYa3CI

– The Khabri (@thekhbri_) November 3, 2023

Renowned social media influencer and YouTuber Elvish Yadav made his OTT debut with the most controversial show, Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. Elvish Yadav entered the show as a wild card contestant along with actress and influencer Aashika Bhatia. Elvish Yadav becomes the winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2.

Yadav Elvish Wiki

Name Elvish Yadav
Birthdate September 14, 1997
Colleague Hansraj College, University of Delhi
Parents Ram Awatar (Father) Susma Yadav (Mother)
Siblings Komal Yadav (Married)
Bride Kirti Mehra (rumored)
Net worth Rs. 40 crores

Elvish Yadav Wiki

Who is the elven Yadav?

Elvish Yadav

Elvish Yadav is a popular creator and influencer. Elfico was born on September 14, 1997 in Haryana, India. Currently, Elvish is 25 years old and resides in Gurugram, Haryana. Elvish is quite popular on social media platforms and is also among the top YouTubers in the country.

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He began to become popular for making videos and vlogs on YouTube. Elvish is known for his opinions and has been part of multiple controversies.

Elvish Yadav Big Boss OTT 2 Winner

Elvish Yadav with Sourav Joshi

Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Malhan had a tough competition in the final voting trend of Big Boss OTT 2. Abhishek Malhan has remained strong since the beginning and is getting a lot of help from his family and fans. Meanwhile, Elvish Yadav joined Bigg Boss as a wild card and eventually won the Bigg Boss OTT 2 title.

Elven Yadav Education

Elvish attended Amity International School in Gurgaon, Haryana, for most of his education. Later, for graduation, she moved to Delhi and enrolled in Hansraj College, University of Delhi, one of the premier institutes in India.

Elvish received his bachelor’s and commerce degrees from Hansraj College, University of Delhi and then got involved in creating YouTube videos with his friends.

Yadav elven family

The elf Yadav with his parents

Ram Avatar is Elvish’s father’s name and his mother’s name is Susma Yadav. His father’s profession is still unknown but his mother is a housewife. Elvish Yadav has a sister named Komal Yadav, she is married, has a son and is based abroad.

Elven profession Yadav

Elven profession Yadav

Elvish started his YouTube channel while in college and later pursued his career in the field. He started his YouTube channel in 2016. The channel was called “The Social Factory”, where she started uploading prank videos but did not receive much attention.

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Later, he changed the name of the channel to just his name. Later, he started uploading vines, comedy sketches, and parody videos and slowly and steadily began to gain the attention of the public.

Elvish currently has two channels: one is his main channel, which bears his name only, where he uploads full-length comedy sketches. He has more than 10 million subscribers on his main channel. Additionally, he has a vlogging channel called “Elvish Yadav Vlogs” with 4 million subscribers.

Elvish also enjoys a large following on social media platforms. On Instagram, she has 6 million followers and counting.

The controversy over Yadav’s elven pots?

As a result of the viral video, the police arrested the person who stole the flower pots and the flower pots were recovered from the accused. The police arrested a person named Manmohan, a resident of Gurugram. The car and the pots were recovered from the accused; The car is registered in Hisar, Haryana.

The elf Yadav uses the same car for one of his meetings

After this incident, many people started trolling Elvish Yadav, saying that he stole all those flower pots. Now, reacting to all those claims, Elvish said that he used that car during his meeting, but it was not personal and it was not related to this incident.

Furthermore, Elvish Yadav shared that he will take legal action against all those people who try to defame him.

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Elvish Yadav Net Worth

Elvish Yadav reportedly has a net worth of Rs. 40 crores. Elvish has multiple sources of income and also comes from a well-to-do family. The main source of income is the advertising revenue she earns from YouTube combined with her two channels.

Elvish Yadav with Smriti Irani

Elvish owns a house costing millions of rupees in a posh locality. Apart from that, he owns several cars, including the Porsche 718 Boxster, which costs Rs. 1.75 crore, the Toyota Fortuner Legender, which costs Rs. 55 Lakh, and the Hyundai Verna, which costs Rs. 15 lakhs.

Yadav elven controversies

Elvish Yadav was involved in some of the major YouTube controversies. Elvish criticized some of the most famous TikTok users a few years ago, stating that their content is cringe-worthy. From there, he started a new prank in which he uploaded a series of videos to Tiktok, roasting the people who made videos.

Elvish was later involved in controversies with YouTubers Dhruv Rathi, Aashika Bhatia and Kusha Kapila. It is not unusual for Elvish to be involved in controversy due to his forceful statements.

Once, he was involved in an ugly social media fight with actress Swara Bhaskar, where Swara allegedly filed a case against Elvish Yadav.

Elvish Yadav FAQ

Q. What is the age of the elven Yadav?

A. The elven Yadav is 25 years old.

Q. What is Elvish Yadav’s net worth?

A. Elvish Yadav’s net worth is around Rs. 30-40 crores.

Q. What is the profession of the elven Yadav?

A. Elvish Yadav is a YouTuber and social media influencer.

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