Who Is Patricia Sue Peterson? How Did Patricia Sue Peterson Die?

Who Is Patricia Sue Peterson? How Did Patricia Sue Peterson Die?



The unexpected events surrounding Kathleen Peterson’s death brought attention not only to her husband Michael but also to the unwavering support he received from his ex-wife, Patricia Sue Peterson. Let’s delve into the life of Patricia Sue Peterson, her remarkable journey, and the unfortunate circumstances of her passing.


Who Was Patricia Sue Peterson?

Born on March 12, 1943, in Paris, Arkansas, Patricia Sue Balkman Peterson, lovingly known as Patty, hailed from a military family. Her life embodied qualities of order, discipline, honesty, love, and compassion. Holding a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Texas and a Master’s in Education from UNC-Chapel Hill, she dedicated 35 years to teaching for the US Department of Defense, with a significant portion spent in Germany. Balancing her role as a mother and the wife of a Marine veteran, she created a life filled with devotion and care.


A Family United: Patty and Michael Peterson

In the mid-1960s, Patty and Michael Peterson joined their lives in marriage. Together, they welcomed two sons, Clayton and Todd, and later embraced daughters Margaret and Martha into their family. The unexpected responsibility arose after the passing of Patty’s close friend Elizabeth Ratliff, the original mother of the girls. Undeterred by challenges, the Petersons raised the toddlers as their own, fostering love that endured even after their divorce two years later.


Patty’s Unwavering Support: A Testimony in Court

Despite officially parting ways in 1987, Patty and Michael’s friendship deepened, especially in the aftermath of Kathleen Peterson’s death. Charged with murder, Michael faced scrutiny regarding the strikingly similar demise of Elizabeth Ratliff. Patty staunchly defended him in court, vehemently denying any possibility of his involvement in the tragic incidents. She dispelled rumors of an extramarital relationship between Michael and Elizabeth, emphasizing their familial bond.


How Did Patricia Sue Peterson Die?

Tragically, Patricia Sue Peterson passed away at Duke University Hospital on July 8, 2021, following a severe heart attack the previous evening. Despite being in excellent health, according to her eldest son Clayton, Patty fell critically ill late on July 7. Residing with her ex-husband Michael in a southwest Durham apartment for about two years, Patty’s children, upon Michael’s call, dialed 911. Clayton described his parents’ relationship as companionship, emphasizing their mutual care and lookout for one another.


Conclusion: A Legacy of Love

Patricia Sue Peterson’s life reflects a legacy of love, resilience, and unwavering support. Her journey, marked by dedication to family and compassion for others, leaves an indelible imprint. As we remember Patty, it is a testament to the enduring bonds that transcend time and circumstances, echoing the profound impact of a life well-lived.




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