Who Was Aileen Wuornos’ Girlfriend Tyria Moore? Where Is Tyria Moore Now?

Who Was Aileen Wuornos’ Girlfriend Tyria Moore? Where Is Tyria Moore Now?



In the shadows of crime dramas, one stands out—“Monster.” Directed by Patty Jenkins, it not only earned acclaim but also propelled her into blockbuster fame with “Wonder Woman.” The biographical crime film, a masterpiece, starred Charlize Theron in a career-defining role. Amidst the accolades, the film delves into the chilling tale of Aileen Wuornos, a notorious serial killer.


Aileen’s Murderous Rampage: A Nightmarish Reality

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the real-life Aileen Wuornos, a street prostitute, embarked on a murderous rampage. Initially, she claimed self-defense against an abusive client, but her thirst for vengeance spiraled into six more killings in a single night. Throughout this dark journey, her girlfriend, Selby Wall, remained oblivious to the horrors unfolding.


Tyria Moore: Aileen’s Real-Life Love Interest

While the film portrays Selby Wall, Aileen’s actual love interest was Tyria Moore. The 30-year-old Aileen and 24-year-old Tyria crossed paths in 1986 while bar-hopping in Florida. That encounter marked the beginning of a bond that Aileen had been searching for—a connection that became inseparable.


Nomadic Love: Aileen and Tyria’s Unconventional Lifestyle

Aileen and Tyria soon started living together, gaining notoriety for their nomadic lifestyle. Their journey involved crashing at friends’ homes, hotels, and sometimes even the woods. Aileen’s earnings from prostitution sustained them. As their closeness deepened, Aileen affectionately started referring to Tyria as her wife, solidifying their unconventional union.


Turbulent Times: Challenges in Aileen and Tyria’s Relationship

Despite their deep connection, Aileen and Tyria faced challenges. Initially disapproving of Aileen’s line of work, Tyria’s journey with Aileen was captured in the documentary. Their relationship weathered storms, reflecting the complexities of a partnership entangled with crime and passion.


Aileen’s Anchor: Tyria as the Stabilizing Force

Sue Russel, Aileen’s biographer, sheds light on the pivotal encounter, stating, “From that point on, [Aileen and Tyria] became inseparable. The anchor Aileen had been looking for was there.” Tyria played a stabilizing role in Aileen’s tumultuous life, offering support amidst the chaos.


Conclusion: The Untold Chapters of Aileen and Tyria’s Love

The tale of Aileen Wuornos and Tyria Moore goes beyond the cinematic portrayal. In the real world, their love story was marked by nomadic adventures, financial struggles, and the shadows of Aileen’s dark choices. As we revisit the haunting narrative of Aileen’s crimes, Tyria remains an enigmatic figure—part of a story that blurs the lines between love, crime, and the search for stability. The complexities of their relationship unfold, leaving us with a deeper understanding of the human stories behind the headlines.




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