Why Did Melissa Rivers Get Divorced? Who is Melissa Rivers Getting Married to?

Why Did Melissa Rivers Get Divorced? Who is Melissa Rivers Getting Married to?

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Why did Melissa Rivers get divorced?

Melissa Rivers divorced her first husband John Endicott in 2003 after five years of marriage. In 1998, the couple, who paid more than $3 million, went their separate ways, and they had a son, Edgar Cooper Endicott, who was born in 2000. Although the reasons for their breakup have not been disclosed, Melissa has moved on to other relationships. in later years, including with athletic trainer Jason Zimmerman from 2008 to 2011.

Melissa has been open about her skepticism about remarrying, saying she never considered tying the knot again. However, in a surprising turn of events, she recently announced her engagement to lawyer Steve Mitchell. The engagement came as a shock to Melissa, who met Steve at a friend’s get-together. Despite her previous thoughts of marriage, Melissa is now happily engaged and flaunting a dazzling 5.6 carat diamond ring. This marks a significant change in his view of marriage.

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Who is Melissa Rivers?

Melissa Rivers, Melissa Warburg Rosenberg, born January 20, 1968 in New York City, is an American actress and television host. She is the only child of famous comedian Joan Rivers and producer Edgar Rosenberg.

Having spent most of her childhood in Los Angeles, California, Melissa attended various schools, including John Thomas Dye School, Marlborough School, and Buckley School. She danced from a young age, first taking group lessons once a week at the age of 8, and then increasing her commitment with regular private lessons at the age of 12.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 1989, Melissa suffered a tragic loss during her sophomore year of college when her father, Edgar, died by suicide.

In 1990, she adopted her mother’s stage name and became known as Melissa Rivers. Over the years, Melissa has not only been the daughter of Joan Rivers, but has also had her own ventures in the entertainment industry, including co-starring with her mother on “Joan & Melissa: Does Joan Know Best?” and contributing as an actress and TV presenter.


Who Will Melissa Rivers Marry?

Melissa Rivers is set to marry attorney Steve Mitchell, a joyous occasion for the 55-year-old TV host. The engagement came as a surprise to Melissa, who met Steve at an event she attended as a friend. Their relationship blossomed within a year and a half, leading to the announcement of their engagement. Melissa shared the news with People and expressed her shock and overwhelming happiness.

She even joked that her late mother, Joan Rivers, would have approved not only of the ring, but of Steve as well. The charter is an important step for Melissa, especially given her previous stance on marriage.

The couple, who have yet to make concrete plans for their wedding, seem to be taking their time. Melissa mentions that if they do decide to have a ceremony and reception, it’s unlikely to happen before 2025. The engagement follows Melissa’s 2003 divorce from her first husband, John Endicott, and her subsequent serious relationships over the years. The news of her upcoming marriage adds a positive and joyful chapter to Melissa Rivers’ life.

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